Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Thanks to Jane over at Small but Charming, I've been ordering flowers direct from a wholesaler in California. I don't order a lot, but if something is a good price and doesn't weigh too much, I order up!

Last week, the huge - est bunches of jasmine arrived.  I've never seen such gorgeous jasmine. The stems have a lot of flowers, but they don't hang down lifeless: they float above and around  the arrangements like angels.  The fragrance is....heaven.

It seems we're not the only ones who love it.

This is the closest the rabbits get to the outdoors.  California treats.


Violet has glaucoma and a cataract.  The Vet suspects it's from an old eye injury. I usually like to show her right-side only, but she was so clearly posing for me I couldn't not post this photo.

This is my last day alone at the shop!!! So much has happened since my last crabby post.

I advertised for another Intern.  I had some good applicants and a sour-puss guy who said "sure, I'll sweep the floor, empty the trash and work for nothing so I can have the privilege
of working in your shop". He's probably been looking for a job for a long time. o. well.

Our new Intern is now our new employee after rocking the day before Easter.   Susan is for Saturdays and she can whip up corsages in no time.

We have another driver for the Spring.  Victoria's great.  She can heft the trash and recycling and with her GPS she whips around unknown towns and the City like a champ.

The shop is being painted this week by us, and by the talented Tom Driscoll on Sunday.  Rabbits are going into the basement  Saturday night until Monday to avoid fumes.


Alicia said...

wow! You have a big flower shop :0
I work at my bosses one by myself.

Do you know Interflora service? It is common to have this service at the USA?
The little rabbit looks so cute :)asp tedeat

Alicia said...

sorry, the extrange words at the end of the previous message are the security ones!
It is late here, I should be sleeping...

An Urban Cottage said...

Yeah, I didn't really want to sweep the floor anyway.

Great shot of Violet standing on her back legs. Was she smelling or nibbling?

Bow Street Flowers said...


Jen said...

Oh the jasmine, just took me back to California where we had oodles of it. Bunny is so cute! Glad you found some good help.

Falls Flowers said...

So much happening around the shop! Can't wait to see the result of all that hard work. Gotta love the sour-pusses in life. They make me remember to stop and smell the jasmine.

flwrjane said...

Oh my gosh Shelley your pictures are fabulous.

Right Steve, right everybody?

And yes that's quite a kisser on that bunbun.

We adore the jasmine almost as much as Violet.

xo jane

The Monkey Flower Group said...

There's nothing much better than an adorable bunny, except maybe an adorable bunny and jasmine!

Sharon Parker said...

The Jasmine is gorgeous, the bunny adorable. I hope you are able to keep her from nibbling your lovely jasmine into nubs, as my cats would do. Though I may have to see if my local florist has any jasmine and take my chances with the cats.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Alicia - we don't have Interflora. My shop isn't that big, but it's been busy!

Steve - was that you?

Jen - I enjoyed the jasmine in Cali, but took it for granted like the chapparell, gardenias in gardens, and roses in March!

Peicha - Oy!

Jane -my subjects have a lot to do with those photos!!

Hey Jaime! Bunny gray, jasmine pink: perfect, huh?

Sharon - we actually give it as snacks to rabbits that aren't out. it's tasty!

webb said...

Purple jasmine? Where have I been? I thought it only came in yellow! Simply gorgeous.

Probably was Steve!