Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Many thanks!!!

Without color theory traning (which I'm considering), finding the right color combinations is like panning for gold in a Wyoming river:  a glimmer in the pan is like the "click" of what falls into place through the retina when colors work, and there are only a few glimmers in a week.

My plea for help after I saw the old green brackets with the new wall color was wide open.  Was I attached to the old color combination and couldn't let go?  or was I surprised by an unexpected possiblility?

All of your comments were so well meaning and helpful!  For the time being, we've painted all of the woodwork white.  Some of you said it was the wrong green.  One of you said the green with too many colors wasn't quite right.  One of you said you thought the green was "whimsical".  I like whimsy.

That green, however, needed to go, thanks to all of you. I'm considering another color for the brackets.  When I know what color I'll choose, I'll let you know.  Maybe after a color theory class.


webb said...

It looks great! and the flower pop. Good job.

An Urban Cottage said...

Color is so freaking hard. I don't think you can go wrong painting them white. It removes the green from the equation so your eye can envision something else.

flwrjane said...

Looks fresh and beautiful.

Our shop is a truly terrible yellow.

Impossible to take photos.

Your shop is a dream.

xo Jane

gillian. said...

You dont need color theory. Youve got that on lock.

rachel said...

Love the colours.

BTW, can't find your recent email to respond; please don't think I'm being rude!