Monday, April 16, 2012

New shop color

I was going to wait until everything was done before I posted this, but a turn of 'color' has me wondering about a choice I'd made about the shelf brackets.

The wall color is Wet Concrete.  The trim is Ivory White.  Benjamin Moore.

Before the Amazing Tom Driscoll came in to paint this weekend, I thought all the woodwork would be white.  We even painted a shelf and brackets in the back.

Pardon the unattractive wiring from the cold chest and phone.

When I came in this morning, the brackets were still green in the front of the shop.  I had second thoughts about changing them.

The shop is still topsy turvy and probably will be all week as we finish the shelves and lay down tile in the window for Petals so he won't chew the paint.

I'm eager for any and all opinions about the brackets: please weigh in.


Amelia said...

Funny, I like the green brackets in the photo with the orchids since they seem to complement each other very nicely. I'm not too crazy about the green in the other photo where there are more colors and they seem to clash. So I guess my vote would be for white unless of course you're only going to put orchids in front of them.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Thanks Amelia! I kind of agree with you there.

An Urban Cottage said...

It's really dramatic and elegant. I think it's perfect. Not sure about the brackets. Maybe a different green. It might be too yellow. How does the shelf look with the begonias on it?

flowers on my table said...

I love the wall colour is it kind of purple or is it grey? I think definitely white on the brackets. It's all looking lovely, but I am sure you will be glad when it's finished? Love Linda x

Bow Street Flowers said...

Steve and Linda, thanks for the input. Tom's 3 year old daughter was waiting for her Daddy to load the car while she sat in front of the flower display (in the photo) and she said "that's wrong". "What do you mean, River? What's wrong"? She pointed at the flowers closest to the brackets. "That pink is wrong". Well, out of the mouths of Babes. I think she noticed that "the brackets and the pink and the wall weren't doing well together. What color should the flowers be, I asked.
"Orange", she said.

Sharon Parker said...

Maybe a more muted gray-green? I like the green against the wall, but I see what you mean about it clashing a bit when surrounded by all those colorful blooms. If it were more of a neutral, with a hint of green, perhaps that would harmonize best. White doesn't appeal to me as much for the brackets. Alternatively, something like a lighter shade of the wall color, which might be kind of a pale orchid or lavender color?

Colors are fun to play with and yet quite challenging, aren't they?

Jen said...

I love that shade of green, but not in that spot. Maybe on a table or bench. The flowers in jars look so pretty against the white wainscoating.

An Urban Cottage said...

I came back to look at the photos and I LOVE the photo of the flowers. They look so beautiful and vibrant. I just wish the green wasn't there. What if the brackets were a really dark version of the wall?

I can't wait to see that window thing.

webb said...

I have nearly the same color on the walls in my kitchen and white cabinets. It's makes a really "clean" look. I like the more muted feel of the green, but think for your shop the white will be more sophisticated somehow. You might well want to use the green elsewhere - like the table idea - for a softer look for arrangements or something.

It's going to be beautiful and you will love it - whatever you decide.

gillian. said...

i like the green. even there. they are almost the exact color of the hyacinth stem. but if the shelf top is white it might look mish-mashy.
i LOVE the walls. can't wait to see it in person...whenever that may be!

Kristina said...

The new color is gorgeous!!! I'm sure either will look lovely, but I like the green, too. It seems more playful. And hoorah for tiles for Petals! Renovations in everyone's house.

flwrjane said...

Never thought 'd be voting for the white BUT that green is v. sweet but not the right green as many have noted.

You'll have plenty of color in the shop with all the flowers anyway so white or a darker color as Steve suggested.

V. sophisticated new look. Blogging becomes you, you blonde you.

xo Jane

gillian. said...

maybe you can make us all happy by keeping the brackets green only by the plant wall. :)

wish i was there for all this shop re-freshing! but you know i only REALLY like to do that when we move the counter. ;)