Friday, April 20, 2012

A perfect fit

Six weeks ago, when I was looking to add some photos to my website from Style Me Pretty, I realized that the photographer of a wedding we did a few years ago was the amazing Lisa Rigby.  I had fallen in love with her photos I found of a wedding at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge a year ago.  I didn't realize that we had worked on the same wedding at the Commander's Mansion in Watertown.

I wrote her a fan letter disguised as a request for some of the photos from that wedding.  As a result of this connection, Lisa came to our shop on Wednesday and took lots of photos which she posted on her blog:

What I love about Lisa's photos is how she captures the color and character of the flowers.  Her color slays me; I want to eat these photos!

She took a lot of photos of Petals. I let her take a photo of me which is rare!  Meeting her was like catching up with an old friend.  We love you Lisa!  Thank you!


marlowe said...

Shelley, the photos are gorgeous!! I love the color you've chosen for the shop; and the flowers, oh the flowers, I want them all.
I miss you, sweet girl!

Lotte and Bloom said...

they're gorgeous, what a treat! xx

An Urban Cottage said...

Oh my god, Shelley, what beautiful photos. She captured the shop beautifully. I'm really loving the new color because in every shot I've seen so far, it's the flowers that really stand out. I'm also liking the shelves in white. I think that unique shape of the bracket is enough whimsy.

Great photos of Petals and you too. A magazine should come knocking any day now.

webb said...

Your shop looks wonderful. The flowers are glorious! and, Petal, too.

flwrjane said...

Your shop and yourself look beautiful.

I love the new colors both on the walls and on your head.

I might have to have that mirror...

This has just made me very happy.

xo Jane

gillian. said...

I just love that picture of you. I wish i was sitting in that chair opposite you with coffees and talking shop!