Sunday, May 27, 2012


Two days off in the middle of these two busy months is a welcome break for me.  My 'garden' looks its
best in late May and June, thanks to the plants I put in before I owned Bow Street Flowers.  But I'm not taking pictures.  The grass needs to be cut, and the beds are filled with weeds.

If, however, you'd like to see someone else's amazing garden, and a creative way to keep herbaceous peonies from falling over, check out Marlowe Miller's  blog, Orts and Fragments.  She is a born gardener. Even when she lived in student housing at UCSD, she carved out a little Eden in the student garden plot where she strung a hammock and napped in the shade of the beanstalks.  If there isn't or never has been a garden wherever she has lived, she makes one.  I think she photosynthesizes.

Tuesday we plant up containers, and begin June's graduations, performances, teacher appreciation and a special wedding at The Journeyman in Union Square this coming weekend.

Enjoy your holiday, wherever you are!


An Urban Cottage said...

Enjoy your two days off! The weather is just perfect today.

marlowe said...

Oh, you are too kind, Miss Shelley! But I love the idea that I photosynthesize -- it sounds so powerful!
Enjoy your time in the garden!!

Jen said...

Hope you are letting yourself relax!