Saturday, May 5, 2012

slow Saturday

Quiet before the storm today.  No deliveries, just pick-ups, and some Kentucky Derby party flowers, so I have time to take and post photos of some of the things we do here.

We'll start off with rabbit cuteness.  All of the best photos of ZuZu are usually taken in the bathroom.  She loves pulling the toilet brush, the toilet brush stand and the plunger out from behind the toilet and pushing them downstairs.  The bathroom however isn't the most glamorous room in the shop, so I've cropped out the porcelain.

Moving on to flowers:  I had a bit of luck photographing a lavender and purple arrangement yesterday.  Sometimes these colors scream, but maybe because of the light, they came out fairly true:

We made a bouquet for a bride 'eloping' at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in a beautiful gown with a lovely bouquet:

And then we made a Prom wristlet ordered by a nervous mother. "no roses, no big bows, simple".

This is also the time of year for performances, birthday parties, and we have a proposal up for this afternoon: 4 bags of red rose petals and a bouquet.

But what's really exciting is that tomorrow we're going to look at more donkeys!!!  I'm looking forward to  blogging about that too!


An Urban Cottage said...

Nice to have a little virtual visit this afternoon. The flowers look awesome in front of the new wall color

Noelle the dreamer said...

Loved your post and shared with daughter! Zuzu, you are quite a gal!
I must admit I had no idea the world of florists was so exciting but in view of your comments, past and present, it is entertaining to say the least!
Looking forward to the donkeys!

rachel said...

Zuzu sounds like a tremendous character.....

marlowe said...

So romantic: eloping in Mt.Auburn cemetary!