Sunday, May 20, 2012

unexpected bounty!

When Jen from A Country Weekend blog said she was FINALLY coming to visit me, I was so excited to meet her, I told Cathy from Sprout when I saw her at the Market, and she told me about all the Bloggers she's met.  I told  Steve at An Urban Cottage and Jane over at Small But Charming.  I expected to meet a wonderful aesthetic soul-mate and I did!!

What I didn't expect was this:

Look at that beauty!  And she's BIG!  And the color is deep gray - perfect with the new paint job.

We were thrown into the most delightful tizzy.  Should it go there or should it go


Should it display plants or flowers?  We decided flowers.  Plants just didn't do it justice.

Next:  we'll set it up in the window next to the Bride's consult table.  What could be better than smelling beautiful flowers when you're planning a wedding?

Jen, thank you for such an amazing present.  Hope I'll see you at the shop this summer!

On another note, I went donkey stalking today with no results.  Nice drive through Natick and Sherborn, though.


An Urban Cottage said...

That etagere is beautiful! It looks PERFECT in there. And thanks, Jen, all I brought was a peach pie

Bow Street Flowers said...

We love peach pie!!!

Sprout said...

I heard about the pie. Pie would totally trump an etagere in my shop.

Pretty sure about that.

Would like to find out in any case!

An Urban Cottage said...

Thanks for the laugh, Sprout, I needed that!

Jen said...

Shelley--it was so much fun to meet you, and I didn't want to leave. Bow Street Flowers is my idea of the perfect flower shop. So glad the plant stand has the home it's meant to have.

Steve--I'd take the peach pie too. Between closing the store and cleaning out my house I'll be giving away a lot of things. A pie doesn't take up space, it just disappears.

Sprout said...

Pie really only takes up space after it disappears.

marlowe said...


flwrjane said...

Oh wait, you know Sprout from the Market?

Now I'm truly fed up and the lab and I are packing.

One of you two better give me a job,ooops would I have to be able to make a corsage?

The etagere is a thing of beauty.

It would look specially nice with a peach pie atop, no?

xo Jane

Denise Fasanello said...

So jealous! Hey Shelley, I may be headed your way this July. Hope I can stop by and say hi. I can't promise an etagere or pie but I'll think of something!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Just you Denise!! Woot!

Sprout said...

OK, if Denise is going to see you, well I am on the way. Just sayin'.

And Jane, youngest person in the shop makes the corsages. ;-)

ronitmathuroff said...

I don't know anything about you but The picture and the flower in the picture are looking fantastic.

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