Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Cynthia

The Mother of the Cheese Expert and the Botanist emailed to say she couldn't leave her comment on the post I wrote about her son's wedding at the Journeyman.  Could I post it for her?
She also sent photos of the large arrangements which she took home.

So, this post is for you Cynthia.

Tis the garden rose -peony, now ladyslipper-saracena lily-fern enthusiast emerging from the fog of wedding aftermath to say how very pleased all of us that needed pleasing were with Shelley's exquisite, bizarrely beautiful, highly original floral designs.   They also softened the cement,  loft like interior of the restaurant.  She exceeded our wildest dreams.

I personally loved her subtle, edgy palette and the intricate delicacy of every arrangement.  I also overheard my new daughter-in-law explaining the complex ecological community that develops inside of one of the rain catching blossoms in her bouquet.   I think we can confidently call this project both an aesthetic and botanical triumph.
As for the bride's special affection for the waxy orange Haliconia, it was reproduced in full color,  life-sized butter cream beside a Bird of Paradise atop her wedding cake, so that Shelley didn't have to find a way to include it in a nosegay. 

The cake:

Banana arrangement:

Thanks, Cynthia for your sweet comment and the post event photos.  I wonder how long that stem of banana lasted.  Did the bananas get ripe?  Did the big flower open?  



flwrjane said...

What a lovely Victorian style compliment.

And thank the goddess you didn't have to use the heliconia.

Tho I love the banana flower.

Getting all giddy like over the Bronte sister prose.

xo Jane

Jen said...

Fabulous comment. Cool family!

Zane Wooder said...

The cake is beyond beautiful. It most of tasted as good as it looks.