Monday, June 25, 2012

Flowers in and around the house.

Before the thunder began to roar this morning, I ran out to take some photos of the crazy mad hydrangea blooms outside and a few other nice things growing inspite of my neglect.

Annabelle Hydrangea and Nikko Blue

White Mulberry volunteer that Marie at 66 Square Feet says is good to eat!  

Queen Elizabeth rose.

Pokeweed.  I have a nice little crop that I'll use in the Fall for big arrangements.

And raspberries.....mmmmm. mmmmmm.

And these are the last frothy peonies I'll have IN the house, brought from the shop on Saturday.

Going now to visit everybody else's house and garden!!


flwrjane said...

Wow you Bostonians have it all going on with the hydrangeas.

Yes, you're hearing a bit of jealousy in my voice.

But mostly happiness that you invited us on a garden tour.

I have 2 ENORMOUS red peonies from California just waiting to explode in my kitchen.

bring it on peonies.

xo Jane

Sweetgum Thursday said...

isn't it nice that the garden carries on without us? enjoy your abundance, i have.

Bare Mtn Farm said...

Wow, just love the beautiful hydrangeas. Oh... and the raspberries too.

Unknown said...

Oh your hydrangeas are just too good!
(I love pokeweed!)

Amelia said...

Your hydrangeas look beautiful and so full, I think they require neglect which makes them perfect...unless you're Madonna. I am envious of your raspberries!

Jen said...

carzy mad hydrangeas--love it! Raspberries--lucky gal.

An Urban Cottage said...

I used to have a pokeweed outside my kitchen window that was killed by the construction.

Your hydrangea look amazing! It seems like a very good year for them. I'm a little scared mine will get that large.

White mulberry, huh? We used to have a mulberry bush growing up (not white though). I wasn't a big fan of eating them and they made a big mess on the ground. But the white one sure do look pretty.

Alicia said...

more hydrangeas! I am a little jealous as Jane :)
All the photos at your post are perfect! At my in-laws garden I have a Queen Elizabeth rose too.

Do you have a lot of donkeys at the U.S.? Here in Spain they are in danger of extinction.

Swimray said...

Nice job, but Pokeweed and Mulberry in my garden call for the weedwacker or Roundup.

rachel said...

A mulberry volunteer??? How lucky are you!

webb said...

Your hydrangeas are lovely - mine have already passed into "tired". Hope you didn't get too much storm damage.