Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday. The finale

On Saturday we packed up house flowers and ball jars for a graduation party.  The ball jars were filled with the same flowers we did for the wedding.  Here are the flowers for the house.

The empty blue Ball jars?  Here they are ready to be packed up.

Some close-ups of the clear jar version for the grad party and below are the chair flowers for the wedding

These are the yellow versions.  They were lined up down the table in a yellow - blue - yellow - blue pattern.  Did I bring my camera to the venue?  As is too often true, I did not.

We are moving into summer hours.  This Monday, we're closed.  Joe and I are going up to Save Your Ass Rescue in New Hampshire.  Trying to figure out what shoes to wear!  I think sandals won't be appropriate for a corral.


helen tilston said...

Those flowers are spectacular

I am presently painting in the Adirondacks and I would suggest you wear shoes, not sandals.

Have a glorious Monday
Helen x

An Urban Cottage said...

It doesn't get much better for summer than blue and white. All beautiful but that second arrangement is breathtaking.

Terri said...

I have a terrible weakness for blue flowers, but I love the first arrangement!

Amelia said...

Love the blue flowers the yellow flowers the white...oh heck, love it all!

flwrjane said...

We're all in agreement: they're beautiful and we love them.

Now go your yourself some ass!

xo Jane

Bow Street Flowers said...

Helen - got the real shoes out!
Steve - I don't often have the chance to do blue and white, but I love it too.
Teerri - thanks. the blue photographed so's usually too saturated.
Amelia - those yellow jars were so pretty.. but definitely outweighed by blue this week!
Jane - HAA!!!! hee haw!

Jen said...

What a pretty sight. The blue flowers take my breath away. have fun with the donkeys!

gillian. said...

Super nice astransia! And i love the mock
Orange in the yellow ones. Just SO pretty. I love the design of the blue ones in the ball jars.
Today is the day! Kiss some ass for me! ;)

marlowe said...

I'll resist an ass pun (in writing), but I'm sure to be making them up in my head all day. Thanks!!

flowers on my table said...

Great job Shelley! The white flowers are delicious! Love Linda x

Zane Wooder said...

Shelley you put together a beautiful bunch of flowers. Good job.