Monday, July 30, 2012

the end of my vacation

The shop is officially reopening tomorrow, but I have a small wedding to design today and a weekly delivery to make.  In a glass-half-full point of view, I've managed to spend a whole day antique shopping with my dear friend, Marlowe;  I made my first trip ever to a Tack Shop to buy brushes and a massager for Opal the donkey at Codman Farm and spent a wonderful hour brushing her, wiping her face with a cool cloth, cleaning out her eyes.  We both enjoyed that.  The weather has cooperated in a cool, cloudy kind of way.  Now that I think about it, sharing the glass-half-empty part of the week isn't worth mentioning at this point.

I'm starting the new week visiting Jane and all the other participants in the monthly Flowers in the House.  My offerings are limited by my laziness and also my surprise.  This is the first year my hydrangea have 'antiqued' so nicely, probably because of the heat we've had this summer.

And they look great in the new vases I bought from Darby Road, thanks to Steve at An Urban Cottage who took photos when he visited and shared them on his blog.  I spied these and fell in love with the color: not to mention they were a PAIR!

I love the mottled finished on this one.

Sadly, the vases 'weep' which I should have guessed, but they look nice on the majolica plates.

Making a succulent bouquet today for a City Hall wedding.  Photos tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2012


My recent donkey mania just collided with my flower mania when Melissa emailed these wedding photos by Stephanie Williams of a wedding in San Miguel De Allende.  Since it's in Mexico, why shouldn't there be a donkey!!!

I'm slayed.  I'm inspired. This is Benito.  He's called a Tequila donkey, so maybe he's used for advertising my favorite hard liquor that I haven't had in ages.  Hmmm.

Now, how to have a flower studio that rents out a cute donkey or two?  Simmer, simmer.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday Girl

Two presents to the same birthday girl.

Made by Kate and me. (just noticed my lens is smudged. oy)

AND, if any of you followers want to watch some donkey adorableness, visit The Dancing Donkey and watch Emma's foal over the last week.  I think I need to start a separate donkey blog so I can stop boring visitors who come to see flowers and to read shop related news!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our summer vacationers

Five years ago, our neighbor sold his house at the height of the Real Estate Boom.  The person who bought it, left the country and the house has been sitting empty for several years.  There are two large yards on either side of the house and they've become overgrown with whatever was there and any number of native volunteers.  Looking out our front window, it almost looks like we live in the country!

It is a perfect habitat for the neighborhood cats and local wildlife.  When I came home from Chatham on Saturday, the regular summer inhabitants had found their villa of choice for free!  I caught them waking up and settling until dark on the roof.

Later, we could tell they were passing through the yard when Blossom went into super alert mode.  They're fond of the big cedar tree in our yard, but are regularly disappointed there isn't any trash.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot, horrid, humid but we all survived.

If there is ever a bad day at the Cape in the summertime, yesterday was a fine example:  no wind, burning heat, cloudy and humid.  When there is no breeze, you're sunk and air conditioning or a day in the water is the only solution.

We delivered a wedding to the Chatham Bars Inn.

EVERYONE involved with this wedding, from  Lo McShay, the wedding planner, the Bride, the Groomsmen, the Groom, the wedding party, the photographers Studio 1208 and us were TROOPERS in the oppressive heat.  We were practically swimming through the air.  Finally around 5:00, a breeze kicked up and we raced to the finish of the set-up.

Petunias in the Luxury Loo.

We copied a design the Bride liked for over the escort table.

garlands ran down three separate tables.

The round tables were set with arrangements designed in the Bride's milk glass collection.


Heartfelt thanks to Kate, my pregnant, high spirited assistant who sweated through the horrible weather with her usual good humor and energy.

I've sworn off Cape weddings... for the time being!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


"Really, I didn't do it".

"Are you sure this is my best side"?

Really, Blossom: you did do it.