Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday Girl

Two presents to the same birthday girl.

Made by Kate and me. (just noticed my lens is smudged. oy)

AND, if any of you followers want to watch some donkey adorableness, visit The Dancing Donkey and watch Emma's foal over the last week.  I think I need to start a separate donkey blog so I can stop boring visitors who come to see flowers and to read shop related news!


flwrjane said...

Oh please I write about dead cats and show my laundry (clean tho).

It's a blog, anything goes.

Love the flowers. Could use an arrangement about now.

xo Jane

Bow Street Flowers said...

Jane- visit the little foal. That will cheer you a bit! xoxox

An Urban Cottage said...

Pretty flowers and very adorable donkey baby.

gillian. said...

i LOVE that clear container! such a lucky birthday girl!
is that a new table?

Terri said...

Lovely florals...I think I need one for myself today. I have a thing about Friday the 13th.

Adorable little foal. I don't mind donkey bits in your floral blog. Are you up to two blogs?