Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot, horrid, humid but we all survived.

If there is ever a bad day at the Cape in the summertime, yesterday was a fine example:  no wind, burning heat, cloudy and humid.  When there is no breeze, you're sunk and air conditioning or a day in the water is the only solution.

We delivered a wedding to the Chatham Bars Inn.

EVERYONE involved with this wedding, from  Lo McShay, the wedding planner, the Bride, the Groomsmen, the Groom, the wedding party, the photographers Studio 1208 and us were TROOPERS in the oppressive heat.  We were practically swimming through the air.  Finally around 5:00, a breeze kicked up and we raced to the finish of the set-up.

Petunias in the Luxury Loo.

We copied a design the Bride liked for over the escort table.

garlands ran down three separate tables.

The round tables were set with arrangements designed in the Bride's milk glass collection.


Heartfelt thanks to Kate, my pregnant, high spirited assistant who sweated through the horrible weather with her usual good humor and energy.

I've sworn off Cape weddings... for the time being!


An Urban Cottage said...

At least you didn't have any sharks!

I've been down there when it's like that and it's brutal. I took an art class in Chatham and I drove past the Chatham Bars Inn. I can't imagine a more beautiful setting for a Cape wedding.

The flowers were beautiful. The Queen Anne's Lace is perfect!

flwrjane said...

Now I don't feel so sad about fleeing the Cape on Friday, though to hang with you and see this beautiful wedding in person I would have braved the heat. Happily.

Just arrived home tonight. I want to go back immediately.

xo Jane

Jen said...

Sorry about that. We spent a week in Chatham once and I loved it. What a beautiful spot for a wedding!

marlowe said...

It LOOKS beautiful! Sorry to hear that it was so miserable.

webb said...

Your flowers were lovely and looked like they stood up to theweather!

Unknown said...

It lookes really lovely! Sorry it was so hot, yuck!

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