Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our summer vacationers

Five years ago, our neighbor sold his house at the height of the Real Estate Boom.  The person who bought it, left the country and the house has been sitting empty for several years.  There are two large yards on either side of the house and they've become overgrown with whatever was there and any number of native volunteers.  Looking out our front window, it almost looks like we live in the country!

It is a perfect habitat for the neighborhood cats and local wildlife.  When I came home from Chatham on Saturday, the regular summer inhabitants had found their villa of choice for free!  I caught them waking up and settling until dark on the roof.

Later, we could tell they were passing through the yard when Blossom went into super alert mode.  They're fond of the big cedar tree in our yard, but are regularly disappointed there isn't any trash.


Amelia said...

That's a whole little family. My neighbor had them living in her attic, made a hole on the side of the roof and moved right in. I'm surprised these haven't done that yet.

An Urban Cottage said...

Aren't they cute!

flwrjane said...

Maybe they could go over to Steve's house and help take down the chimney?

xo Jane

Jen said...

Oh my--I've never seen racoons on the roof!

gillian. said...

i LOVE them! they're like "oh, hey neighbor shelley! beautiful evening, isn't it? little buggy tho. ah, well."