Thursday, August 30, 2012


The colors are getting richer in the market. Antiqued pinks and greens, Japanese anemones, dahlias, and Juliet garden roses adjusting to the new palette as they did in the Spring and Summer.

I'm having an affair with a rectangle shaped container.  The sharp corners seem, well, sharp, but I love the way the flowers lay out and reach away from the center.  Inspite of the squared edges, the arrangement  is able to behave organically.

Another blue jar wedding this weekend.  We're delivering to a boat that will take the flowers out to Thompson Island in Boston Harbor. This bride is using the same containers our bride Rebecca used for her wedding in July.  They are twin weddings in many ways.  Both of them canned jam favors for the guests; they are both laying long tables with burlap runners and their gowns are made with beautiful lace.  Both weddings are outside in a beautiful setting.

I'll try to take photos tomorrow before we pack up.  Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer. I'm having donkey withdrawal.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Every time we have a wedding at the Crane Estate, I swear this is the area of the New England coast where I want to live forever.

Most folks come this way to go to Crane's Beach.  Visitors can pay to see the Estate on the hill above the road and some do.  Mostly the Mansion is used for weddings and Events.  The alle from the house to the ocean is spectacular.

Our bride's wedding today was in the Guest Cottage at the bottom of the hill.  It's a sweet house where the bride and her family can stay for a few days before the wedding.  They can walk to the beach and enjoy all of the natural gorgeousness.

Did I get photos of the flowers? Non.  But I did get photos from this weekend.

Wedding at Memorial Church in Harvard Yard.  The reception was at the Harvard Faculty Club.

One more.  Personal flowers delivered to St. Cecilia's church in Back Bay on Saturday.  Lighting wasn't great, but it looks peachy, huh?

I skipped flowers in the house at Jane's today.  How many hydrangea can I showcase on my mantle? Plus, out early to finish today's wedding on the North Shore.  Next time, Jane! I promise.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

bunnies and blooms

A few requests for rabbit news.  The floor in the back of the shop is stained and ugly, so photos of the rabbits need to be CROPPED.  Violet and Petals were out these last few days, but not together.

I managed close-ups: Happy flat boy.

"Is that something to eat"?

"Scratch my nose"?

Flowers for a magazine photo shoot.

We've switched the plant and flower displays.  The beautiful etagere that Jen from Country Weekend
gave us looks much more elegant while elevated in the window.  The plants show up better against the wall.

Little changes like this shake us up a bit when the July doldrums hit.  August now, and the wind has picked up rather nicely.

We're having a yard sale this Saturday.  Bits and bobs and some furniture.  Time to clear out some history and make room for the coming year.

Monday, August 6, 2012

segue. urban flowers to the Bucolic.

This is the lower pasture at Codman Farm.  Opal, the donkey follows the sheep when they go down to graze.  They are her only pals. She has room to roll in the grass and there's lots to eat.

Opal ignored me for about twenty minutes.  Unlike us, most animals don't mix socializing and eating.

I took lots of photos of her.... eating.

See the fly in the corner of her eye?  When she finally stopped eating and came over to greet me, I managed to wipe the moisture from her eyes with a cloth.  This discourages flies who actually drink from the moisture and cause infections.

While I was brushing her, she and the sheep were alerted by something from the barn and they all herded back up the path.

I wish she had a fly mask.  I wish she would be seen by a farrier: her hooves are splitting and are just short of curling.  I offered to sponser her in return for spending time with her,  but the farm's overseer didn't want  someone being in the pen with Sean, the male sheep.  It's breeding season and while Sean is very engaging, he's strong and bossy.  Opal lives with them, so there's no opportunity to halter her, teach her to lead, or see if she'll lift her hooves.
So I groom her through the fence and worry about her health, and try not to rock the boat so I can provide her with some help and attention.

I'm in the process of designing a centerpiece for an  Improper Bostonian photo shoot.  No wedding this weekend.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

wedding at the Wharf

This is the Foster Pavillion at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The ceremony took place here.  Because we needed to transfer pedestals to the ballroom in the hotel, we hung around for an hour on Rowes Wharf, people watching and enjoying the breezes coming off the water.    

The Pavillion is a favorite wedding venue.

The bride made the kissing balls to hang on the chairs.

Dana was a lovely bride.

Some wonderful weddings coming up this month and into November.  Apparently everyone is back from vacation and lots of new students are moving into the neighborhood.  The July doldrums are over.