Thursday, August 30, 2012


The colors are getting richer in the market. Antiqued pinks and greens, Japanese anemones, dahlias, and Juliet garden roses adjusting to the new palette as they did in the Spring and Summer.

I'm having an affair with a rectangle shaped container.  The sharp corners seem, well, sharp, but I love the way the flowers lay out and reach away from the center.  Inspite of the squared edges, the arrangement  is able to behave organically.

Another blue jar wedding this weekend.  We're delivering to a boat that will take the flowers out to Thompson Island in Boston Harbor. This bride is using the same containers our bride Rebecca used for her wedding in July.  They are twin weddings in many ways.  Both of them canned jam favors for the guests; they are both laying long tables with burlap runners and their gowns are made with beautiful lace.  Both weddings are outside in a beautiful setting.

I'll try to take photos tomorrow before we pack up.  Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer. I'm having donkey withdrawal.


An Urban Cottage said...

Very pretty! I love how the anemones arch and dangle over the arrangement.

Don't say that about summer. I can deny its end well into October.

flwrjane said...

Birds of a feather as ever. I too love that vase and we have a new one that's oval and narrow, I'm running out of adjectives here. but it makes up in an interesting fashion.

I'll send you a pic.

Your arrangement is lovely, you nailed it. Careless elegance.

xo Jane

Bow Street Flowers said...

Steve -- then, I'll just say, the light is changing.

Jane-- oo. oval and narrow? how I love a curve!

Jen said...

"Careless elegance." Stealing from Jane. :)

Truly lovely. Hope you can sneak out and see your donkey friend soon.

paisleysummer said...

I love the colour palette. The arrangements look effortless but I'm sure there is a certain talent needed to make them look that way!
I once flew into Boston and there seemed to be lots of little islands with houses on them. It was fascinating.
Penny x

marlowe said...

Beautiful fall arrangements!

Alicia said...

mmm these colors...