Thursday, August 9, 2012

bunnies and blooms

A few requests for rabbit news.  The floor in the back of the shop is stained and ugly, so photos of the rabbits need to be CROPPED.  Violet and Petals were out these last few days, but not together.

I managed close-ups: Happy flat boy.

"Is that something to eat"?

"Scratch my nose"?

Flowers for a magazine photo shoot.

We've switched the plant and flower displays.  The beautiful etagere that Jen from Country Weekend
gave us looks much more elegant while elevated in the window.  The plants show up better against the wall.

Little changes like this shake us up a bit when the July doldrums hit.  August now, and the wind has picked up rather nicely.

We're having a yard sale this Saturday.  Bits and bobs and some furniture.  Time to clear out some history and make room for the coming year.


Jen said...

Darling bunnies!
The flowers look beautiful!
Magazine shoot?

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Gorgeous bunnies, and stunning flowers. How I love dahlias. X

flwrjane said...

Hmmm bunnies, just as cute as kittens.
But sadly I have no more room.

So you'll keep having to post pictures.

They were missed.

xo Jane

Noelle the dreamer said...

Now I feel better! I missed the bunnies! Thanks for sharing,

Alicia said...

nice bunnies :)and lovely arrangement!