Sunday, August 5, 2012

wedding at the Wharf

This is the Foster Pavillion at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The ceremony took place here.  Because we needed to transfer pedestals to the ballroom in the hotel, we hung around for an hour on Rowes Wharf, people watching and enjoying the breezes coming off the water.    

The Pavillion is a favorite wedding venue.

The bride made the kissing balls to hang on the chairs.

Dana was a lovely bride.

Some wonderful weddings coming up this month and into November.  Apparently everyone is back from vacation and lots of new students are moving into the neighborhood.  The July doldrums are over.  


An Urban Cottage said...

I didn't know you could rent that space. That's a beautiful venue.

paisleysummer said...

How beautiful to be married by the water x

Anonymous said...

What a great venue. The wedding will be perfect with the sky above their heads and the ocean as their witness. A very romantic setting. financial services