Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Dancing Donkey

After my obligatory morning flower blog visits, I jump over to my favorite donkey blogs,  The 7msn ranch, and The Dancing Donkey.  Donkey folks are nice.  Kris at The Dancing Donkey has given me a lot of support concerning Opal, the Albino Donkey at Codman Farm in Lincoln.   Her young donkey, Emma had a foal this summer.  His name is Ramsey and if you want to watch his antics while he's still a baby, visit Kris's blog.

Nice donkey people were at the Rochester Fair in New Hampshire last weekend.  We attended the Mule and Donkey Show.  Super-groomed donkeys ran, walked or balked the obstacle courses and I was in heaven.

My favorite was Pedro.  Pedro did what donkeys do before they're trained to step into 'bottomless' plastic swimming pools, jump over window boxes filled with fake bushes or walk through scary dangly stuff.

He said no, don't think so. He walked around nearly every obstacle.   His young trainer tried hard to be patient.  All, however was not lost.  For some donkey reason, he jumped over the final bar like a champion.  We all cheered.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I'll only get away with this once.

Unlike GG and Jane over at Small but Charming, I am a champion sloth when it comes to garden and house.  About twice a year I freshen up our sheet, towel and couch cover inventory. I get rid of old pans, paint the stairway, wash the curtains, but day to day I'm hopeless.   I hire someone to clean up the front garden; the back is au natural - great for birds though.

Joe does the laundry.  We share the cooking.  He does the vacuuming.  I clean the bathroom sink. Joe does the bathtub.  It's a piecemeal arrangement but it keeps us off of reality t.v. I don't bring flowers from the shop usually unless we're having company.

But I tiptoed out front this morning with good intentions and did a little clipping: some autumn clematis, some hydrangea, a little spirea, and some pretty ferns that last about a day in water.  It was a sad collection.

so, instead I present to you the best flower I have in the house.  You've met him before.  I picked him seven years ago and he's still fresh!!!

I give you Blossom at his handsomest and quietest, ever. No vase required.

So visit the good gardeners and diligent housekeepers over at Jane's to see their efforts for her monthly Flowers in the House.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

where's Snappy?

Although most of my followers don't live in Boston, I'm posting this announcement for a dear client who's dog Snappy got away from her dog walker two weeks ago at the Burlington Resevoir.

If you're visiting this blog from the metro Boston area, will you keep your eye out for lost Snappy?
She is a beautiful dog and her owners are heartbroken.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"The cosmos ordered our gaze and we followed it".

Did you ever wonder why this flower is called Cosmos: from the Greek meaning universe?

There's something about it that satisfies my eye like no other flower;  it bobs and seems to float in the wind,  it's color ranges from delicate and demeur to strong and sassy, it's stems are a perfect green: just the right amount of yellow in it to seem almost invisible as it holds up the prize of it's fruit.

These Cosmos are delivered by the sweet folks at Drumlin Farm.  Five bunches came in today and I spent an hour alone cleaning off the extra foliage and lovingly setting them in their deep, fresh water.

I dropped the bucket into an antique terra cotta garden cloche, and took photos.

I found Sanguasorba at one of our vendors in the market.  I bought them out.  This is another 'flower' that makes me very happy to use:  it looks like little bees hovering over the arrangements.  And there is beautiful hydrangea now, and blue thistle from Holland that is extraordinary.  I'm a pig in....well, you know.

Last, but hardly least are the begonias from Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunkport.

The shop was quiet today, except for a few deliveries which I did myself.  Some days, being alone in the shop is a meditation and I'm reminded why I love this crazy business - this floristry.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If Bottom wrote a blog

If Bottom wrote a blog, I wonder what he would have said about being the object of Titania's brief passion for him during 'the dream'.    

Judy Dench as Titania at the Rose Theater
"So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape'....

Regardless of his limited transformation, Shakespeare's image of this sudden love for Bottom as donkey or 'ass', can be dehistorisized here in MY blog to argue that the donkey's 'shape' is reason enough to love it .  There are more than a few blogs out there expressing similar enthusiastic affection for their donkeys or mules thatTitania displays for the transformed Bottom.

'So is mine eye enthralled to they shape'....

This 'shape' enthralls me too.  Muddy Opal from her roll in the meadow, scratching herself against the tree.
Sean, the male sheep she lives with won't let me close enough to brush her right now:  all the females are in heat and apparently Opal is also off limits.

And what does all this have to do with flowers?  Absolutely nothing.  I've tried to make a connection, but until I can set a garland over Opal's ears,  my passion for both is the only common denominator.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

bon voyage! from Somerville to Thompson Island

We've traveled a couple hundred miles for weddings, but we've never delivered flowers to a boat before.  Kristen and Dayton decided to get married on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor.

This photo from Hollywood Pop Gallery .

I wish we could have gone with to set-up.  Alas, no time, but the Bride was waiting for the boat with her family when we arrived and we had lots of help loading up.

We got a peak at the gown.

Kristen carried her bouquet and personal flowers onto the boat.

Marisa was a packing genius.  She had everything packed and labeled on time and she remembered all the details: like the stem drying towel for the Bride's Box.  Since it was a Ball jar wedding, Marisa packed up the bouquet in a Ball jar box. (we usually cover the boxes with our flower wrap).

Most of the flowers came from Drumlin Farm in Lincoln.  Thanks, Allison for bringing them all yourself yesterday.  The seashell Cosmos are so so beautiful and FRESH!

The boat was late which gave us time to take pictures of it's arrival.  The family had the flowers transported from the truck to the boat so fast, I had to shoot them through the window.

See it coming there at center left?

It was a beautiful day for a wedding.