Saturday, September 1, 2012

bon voyage! from Somerville to Thompson Island

We've traveled a couple hundred miles for weddings, but we've never delivered flowers to a boat before.  Kristen and Dayton decided to get married on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor.

This photo from Hollywood Pop Gallery .

I wish we could have gone with to set-up.  Alas, no time, but the Bride was waiting for the boat with her family when we arrived and we had lots of help loading up.

We got a peak at the gown.

Kristen carried her bouquet and personal flowers onto the boat.

Marisa was a packing genius.  She had everything packed and labeled on time and she remembered all the details: like the stem drying towel for the Bride's Box.  Since it was a Ball jar wedding, Marisa packed up the bouquet in a Ball jar box. (we usually cover the boxes with our flower wrap).

Most of the flowers came from Drumlin Farm in Lincoln.  Thanks, Allison for bringing them all yourself yesterday.  The seashell Cosmos are so so beautiful and FRESH!

The boat was late which gave us time to take pictures of it's arrival.  The family had the flowers transported from the truck to the boat so fast, I had to shoot them through the window.

See it coming there at center left?

It was a beautiful day for a wedding. 


Jen said...

I love the bright warm colors of the flowers. And what a fun wedding idea!

An Urban Cottage said...

It was a PERFECT day for a wedding, especially with those wonderful bright colors! LOVE zinnias.

flwrjane said...

Fantastic. And you had nice weather?

We spent the day in rainforest conditions-minus the rain.

It's better in Massachusetts.

At least till the winter.

xo Jane

Alicia said...

wow! So nice :)

Amelia said...

What beautiful colors on those flowers. It must have been gorgeous, looks like a beautful day.