Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Dancing Donkey

After my obligatory morning flower blog visits, I jump over to my favorite donkey blogs,  The 7msn ranch, and The Dancing Donkey.  Donkey folks are nice.  Kris at The Dancing Donkey has given me a lot of support concerning Opal, the Albino Donkey at Codman Farm in Lincoln.   Her young donkey, Emma had a foal this summer.  His name is Ramsey and if you want to watch his antics while he's still a baby, visit Kris's blog.

Nice donkey people were at the Rochester Fair in New Hampshire last weekend.  We attended the Mule and Donkey Show.  Super-groomed donkeys ran, walked or balked the obstacle courses and I was in heaven.

My favorite was Pedro.  Pedro did what donkeys do before they're trained to step into 'bottomless' plastic swimming pools, jump over window boxes filled with fake bushes or walk through scary dangly stuff.

He said no, don't think so. He walked around nearly every obstacle.   His young trainer tried hard to be patient.  All, however was not lost.  For some donkey reason, he jumped over the final bar like a champion.  We all cheered.


Amelia said...

Why he's just adorable. How old is he? He's tiny.

Jen said...

Chiming in on the adorableness of Pedro!

flwrjane said...

If Gus was a donkey he would be Pedro.

There can be no higher compliment.

xo jane

The Dancing Donkey said...

He is a cute fellow!