Saturday, October 6, 2012


Two weddings done today.  Driver and Girls are gone.  Just me , ZuZu, Violet and Petals left listening to the Lumineers and ruminating over the last week.

My beloved IPhone 3Gs was drowned in a bag of bunny kale for a week in the cold chest.   After burying it in a vat of rice, the basics worked, but no more apps.  Just in time for IPhone 5!!!  The only one left in Massachusetts was in Holyoke, a two hour drive.  Off I went in a rain storm out the Mass Pike, arriving at dusk last week.

Apparently the Registry of Motor Vehicles no longer reminds us in the Bay State when our driver's license is about to expire.  What a way to find out mine expired in May of 2012.  One must have a VALID driver's license in order to pick up a previously ordered IPhone and no amount of whining convinced the geeky boy at Apple to give me a pass since I'd just driven 2 hours.  Am I the only person who never looks at her license?

Apple's marketing strategy has always been the scarcity of their new products. I am, however, a slave to Apple. So I stopped whining and asked for a refund and drove home beneath sheets of rain.

If my old IPhone hadn't drowned, I'd have waited, but the Map app wasn't working well and  odd messages kept popping up on my screen.

So I went to my local AT&T store and bought a 4Gs.  It's a great phone.  It takes beautiful photos. Siri set my alarm for this morning.  I have Instagram again and Amazon Kindle.  Think I'll pass on Angry Birds: I'm over it.

The wind is blowing warm right now, but the weather is changing fast.  My last two days off in a row tomorrow and Columbus Day.  I have a mantle project and a donkey to visit and maybe a trip to Maine to pick up the octopus jar waiting for me in Wells.

I guess I'll always be one IPhone behind.  The good news?  My swell phone was only 99.00.
Scarcity can also equal savings.. so there, Apple!


webb said...

Love all your green and white pumpkins ... my favorites!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Thanks, Webb! It's been a great season for interesting squashes!

An Urban Cottage said...
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An Urban Cottage said...

What a nightmare story. I can't believe they wouldn't accept your expired license. But better to be told by a geek than a police officer.

You're quite the trendsetter. Whole Foods has George Washington Carver bouquets of cotton.

Your fall display is awesome.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Steve, right? Good thing I'm a careful driver. Now that the license is expired I need an eye exam, a new photo and I have to stand in line for hours.. Grrr

flwrjane said...

Maybe you should get a nice relaxing massage?

Oh right, never mind.

That is an amazing story of salespeople going way beyond the call of duty.

Maybe he can come down here and work at Homeland next..

xo jane

Jen said...

What a story--we are turning into a friggin' police state. Glad you like the 4s--it was only a year ago that it was the new thing! Your store looks so pretty. Say hi to Opal.

Amelia said...

Hopefully you don't have to take the driving test, I couldn't pass paralell parking if they put a gun to my head. I don't get the IPhone madness, could care less. Love your pumpkin display!

marlowe said...

Oh, sugar, how damn frustrating! Still, the 4GS is grand.
I miss you!

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the Apple guy was so vigilant, surely the id was just to prove you were you? But the 4S is brilliant, and a bargain.
Your store is looking gorgeous. Love your autumn display. Amanda x

Alicia said...

lovely ambiance!