Monday, December 31, 2012

Flowers in the House

Jane's hosting a New Year's Eve Eve flower party at her house where it's also Mr. Baby's birthday.

If  you pay her a visit, you'll see some very sophisticated and beautifully designed arrangements.  And Mr. Baby's adorable toes.

My house flowers are of the slash and burn variety.  We had too many paperwhites left over this year and since we're closed for two weeks, I mowed them down and brought them home and dropped them into a pair of Japanese vases.  Here is my mantle AGAIN where the northern light of the living room gives me and the Canon no grief.

Just below the mantle, on a too large coffee table,  is a horror of papers, books, old junk mail, pens, glasses,  an empty Motrin bottle, a nail file, a felting project and a shallow box of bills.  I wish my whole living room looked as well thought out as my mantle.

 This could/should be the subject of my resolution for 2013, but I think I'll choose trying to be more sociable OUTSIDE of Bow Street Flowers where I'm never shy, and making more donkey connections, which could involve being more social.

Happy New Year to all of you.  May you always have flowers in your house.


Rubye Jack said...

This is such a beautiful mantel - gorgeous.
Happy New Year's!

An Urban Cottage said...

Very nice! It all looks very collected over the course of years. Great idea to hack off all those paperwhites!

flwrjane said...

I love your mantle and never tire of seeing it adorned.

Tho I would love a peek at the coffee table.

maybe we should do a "spot of shame post" next year?

Actually I could do a year of them...

Happy New Year to you Shelly. Let's be in touch after the surgery,yes?

Thanks for having us over. If you drove down I know where there is an extra piece of cake....

xo Jane

Amelia said...

You can never have too many paperwhites. Coming from someone who doesn't have any, maybe I can Photoshop your mantel onto mine... except that I don't have Photoshop. Happy New Year to you and Opal.

webb said...

The aerwhites are lovely all "bunched" together. I like them.

Hope your surgery goes well - take the meds like they tell you to, and do the therapy. It ain't fun, but it will pay off. I promise. Will be thinking of you.

Urbanstems said...

Happy New Year from Ireland. Im jealous you can mow your lawn. Our lawn is a mush from all the rain! Beautiful mantle. Sinead

Marie said...

Love those (one of my favourite flowers) and your northern light.

Alicia said...

dear Shelley...what is a mantle? I have look for it at Wordreference, but I don´t understand the meaning :(
Anyway, your home looks so nice!One of my New Year resolutions will be to have a tidy and nice house!
Beautiful light!

gillian. said...

I feel like you already started being more social! I mean - pizza night? So social!
Maybe you and jOe will go out to dinner sometime as a social activity! You have a shallow box of gift certificates too!;)
Your mantle is gorgeous, as always, and i love those japanese vases!! Xox

Bare Mtn Farm said...

Lovely mantle and love the paperwhites. Happy New Year!

Jen said...

The mantle is gorgeous--such a wonderful blend of pottery, flowers, critters, art, life, creativity. The coffee table is real life. It's nice (and realistic) to have both.

I'm working on
ng more (that was the kitten's contribution) sociable too. Will visit when you reopen.

flowers on my table said...

Hello Shelley, a very happy New Year to you! Your mantle is beautiful, so are the flowers, and the donkey Christmas tree is just gorgeous.
I need to be more sociable too, but I am starting with being more kind. Much love to you, Linda xx