Saturday, December 8, 2012

short break and the last wreath hung!

Flowers first.  and shop photos.


These last four are photos of Saipua's amazing soaps.  The packaging alone is worth having.
Made with olive oil and some expert scenting, they are kind to the skin and they make your linens smell amazing!

And then, there are the items NFS.

And one last photo of Violet I forgot to post. 

We're open tomorrow from noon to five with pretty things to sell.  Monday, we start all over again with a new round of Christmas.


Jen said...

Everything looks wonderful. I'm going to come by next week.

An Urban Cottage said...

Nice amaryllis. Mine will be late bloomers. The paperwhites are starting open.

flwrjane said...

Hope your shop is bustling today.

I will be home puttering about and decking my own halls.

no guarantee decking will remain in place tho'.

xo jane

marlowe said...

Those soaps look wonderful!!

Amelia said...

Those amaryllis are beautiful! I have every single one of those soaps. I have a hard time deciding whenever I order from Saipua so I get a bunch. I guess that's Zuzu, she's sweet, so was Violet.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Your shop looks like a wonderful place to visit, full of lovely things and very welcoming.

rachel said...

Lovely soaps, but the NFS items are irresistible.....

Unknown said...

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