Friday, December 21, 2012

Wish it weren't so.

One of the most difficult times for me in this business is when I meet with a bride who has a tiny budget for flowers, but wants flowers everywhere.
When I meet with her during  the holidays, this pinches even more; I end up feeling like the Grinch on the one hand, and annoyed on the other.  When I'm pressured to think of creative ways to make a table festive with flowers for almost nothing, and I suggest  making the table pretty without flowers, which is then ignored, I know we're not the florist for her.

I may have sawed this log before here, but if a Bride has a tight budget, I suggest a beautiful Bridal bouquet, one large, festive piece, and candles on the table.  Her photos will be beautiful.  Her guests won't think she skimped on the flowers when she's carrying a gorgeous bouquet and the ceremony is set with an extraordinary piece. " A little something" on the aisle chairs or the tables is just that: " little" and no one will remember it.

I love City Hall weddings, backyard weddings, intimate restaurant weddings as much as I enjoy big splashy weddings.  Our goal here, however, is to provide the most beautiful flowers available - flowers that the Bride and her guests will love and remember always.

'nuf said... I'm off to Whoville


webb said...

You're more generous than i am. Yes, everything about weddings costs more than aanyone expects, but ... when a bride (any client) wants you to give them stuff for free,, they are disrespecting you! Your work deserves better. Merry Christmas!

flwrjane said...

I hear you loud and clear.

Then to add insult to injury they Yelp about you if you can't make the magic happen.

Ah well,Welcome Christmas come this way.

xo jane

flwrjane said...

avisiar 7416

Jen said...

Your suggestion is perfect--I'm sorry she didn't get it. I would think that part of the job--talking to brides-- would require much patience.

Terri said...

Ahhh, the bridezillas with silk purse taste and sow's ear budgets.

Cherish the brides who know how to spend their flower budget or are realistic enough to appreciate suggestions. They are the jewels :)