Monday, January 14, 2013

Changes for the New Year

There were too many times during 2012 when our wedding work spilled across all the available surface area in the shop and customers were side-stepping crated centerpieces and chuppah poles,  boxes of unopened vases and crates waiting empty for more flowers.

After much discussion, consideration and not a little trepidation, we have to decided to re-open on January 16 as a floral design Studio.

For Brides, this won't mean any change at all.  We receive phone and online orders throughout the day and these customers won't notice a change either.  It is the lovely walk-in, spur of the moment customer who will feel the effects, and for this we apologize.

The Bell.
 For customers who are picking up special orders, visiting the rabbits, or placing special orders, there will be a Bell located above the left door.  A beautiful, deep throated bell that requires a manual tug.

The schedule change will also allow me more time to organize classes during the week as well as on Sundays.  I'll be able to take classes myself, and make some shortish junkets for inspiration.  We can never learn enough about flowers. Can we?

Knee news:
I'm well on the mend, almost off of the pain drugs and ready to ease back into work on Wednesday.
Without the annoying knee pain, I'll be able to start a bed of dahlias this year and see how they grow.
(There will be more time for this as well).  And maybe I'll actually be able to prune my pink wisteria before it eats the garage.


Lotte and Bloom said...

exciting times. LOVE the sound of the bell, nice touch. wishing you all the very best for 2013 and the new chapter...xx

gillian. said...

oh, i like when the wisteria eats your garage. sigh.

An Urban Cottage said...

Well, I know this comes with trepidation as a business owner but this is exciting for YOU. I know how hard you work for the retail aspect of your shop and I hope this provides you a little flexibility. I'm happy you're giving yourself permission to do this.

Would love to take a workshop sometime.

Amelia said...

Seems to make a lot of sense, good idea. Your knee is healing rapidly, goody. Are those sweet peas????

Jen said...

That is so exciting. As a freelancer, I can tell you that it's wonderful to have flexibility. I can't wait to ring that bell!

Did you say classes? As in floral arranging? Let me know...

Those sweet peas (?) are dreamy!

I'm glad your knee is healing and that you have new adventures to look forward to.

marlowe said...

This change sounds great to me -- I love the fact that you might have a little more time for your creative inspiration and workshops (not to mention breathing room!).
Looking forward to seeing you in the spring, my dear!

flwrjane said...

Sounds wonderful. Ironic just when I was wondering if I have it in me to open a shop take a sharp turn toward creativity.

Glad you're recovery has gone so well and you're back in the shop tomorrow.

We're ordering in red/white/blue, big day coming!

xo Jane

Alicia said...

exciting plans!
I am thinking about a Dalias flower bed too :)