Wednesday, February 6, 2013


While I'm glad that the Blizzard headed our way is BEFORE Valentine's Day, there is still the issue of International flights getting in with the product we need to pick up on Sunday.

In the meantime, we're hanging the flower umbrellas and plugging in the giant heart in the front of the shop that never photographs well, but looks pretty great at night.

Trying to transition to a studio space has its challenges.  We don't lock the door during the day, but we're considering it.  Folks walk right in, paying no attention to the information on the door, or the blacked out front windows.  We're conflicted.  We want to help everyone, but we don't really carry plants anymore, and we can't accomodate customers who are looking for Stargazer lilies and Baby's Breath. My love affair with beautiful flowers rubs against my working class roots that despise exclusivity.  Not to mention how much I hate saying 'no'.

We're wide open on Saturdays from 10:00 to 5:00 and we'll be open next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 6:00.   The flowers will be breathtaking.

Hand made lavender sachet hearts.  We've also designed a little cash and carry takeaway arrangement that I'll be posting tomorrow.

Take care during the storm that's coming.  Make sure you have plenty of coffee and wine!

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Jen said...

I love the umbrellas, and Hortense looks very festive!

I can imagine how challenging the transition to studio must be, but it sound like you are getting there.

Hope your flowers arrived. Stay safe!