Monday, February 4, 2013

My cheating heart

Before I owned my Shop, I brought flowers home every weekend.  I eagerly took home the 'leavings' and enjoyed  tidying up the house, filling up little vases and admiring them on quiet Sunday mornings.

Now, I can't even remember to bring them home for Jane's Flowers in the House party.  So I cheat.

Many years ago, my dearest friend went on a tour with the poet Clayton Eshleman to the Dordogne in France to visit Lascaux (before they closed the caves) and eat their way through several four star restaurants.  What did I want her to bring me?   Flowers, I said.  Press me some fleurs from France.

Well, she came back and there were no flowers: " they all crumbled in my pocket...sorry".

And I forgot about it until on my Birthday, she presented me with this:

(sorry for the reflection on the left)

Her friend Mary Ellen Long is a paper artist and she took the 'crumbles' and made paper with the flowers and designed this piece.

It's not signed by Mary Ellen.  This is probably too lightweight a project for her and she probably did it as a favor to my friend.

But it hangs in my living room with my friend's little poem to me as its more important provenance.


flwrjane said...

No cheating here, it's flowers in the house, doesn't say they have to be in water right?

Thanks for the hand holding last night.

It was a little crazy third quarter on but we pulled them through.

Whew. No coffee left? I'm outta here.
xo jane

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

What a great twist on Flowers in the House - love this sweet keepsake from your friend. What a treasure.

PS: Love the Valentine flowers in your previous post too!

Jen said...

What a special gift--really lovely, and imbued with friendship and memories.

webb said...

How incredibly thoughtful of your friend. They're lovely.

Alicia said...

Oh! This is amazing! I am going to visit her web page. So nice of your friend!

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

What a lovely story, and a very special memento. In India last year I watched, utterly fascinated, the paper making, especially with the beautiful flowers scattered throughout. It is an amazing process.

I can relate to the fact that you sometimes forget to bring the flowers home!
Have a lovely week. Hope those orders for Valentines Day are rolling in.

Share my Garden said...

What a lovely post this is. It reminds me of the pressed flowers sent home from the trenches in the First World War by the poet Edward Thomas.

Amelia said...

This is not cheating, they are flowers after all and quite lovely to boot. My aunt did that for me with my wedding invitation. It's a real treasure.

An Urban Cottage said...

Perfectly placed petal powder on paper is preferable to paper-wrapped posies.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Such a lovely gift.

Anonymous said...

How lovely and thoughtful. And I do love your non-dozen-rose resolution for Valentine's. I cringe every time someone orders them. Have a great Valentine's Day!

paisleysummer said...

What a treasured piece of art!
Penny x