Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Happy Spring

Spring arrived yesterday in all its soft breeziness.  We finished our outdoor plantings, delivered all of the Easter and Passover centerpieces, ate Thai food on the fly, and took a bad photo of the sleeping young rabbit in his new house.  It's a large cage with a top and it's big enough for two.  ZuZu was grumpy the first night about moving into her new digs, but now she and Max both hop in and out all day and I don't have to chase them around anymore to get them into it at night. 

Max is getting bigger.  He never stops eating.  His hair is beginning to grow in where it had come out in odd tufts before he came to us.  I'm going to miss his raggedy wild rabbit look, but he'll be a handsome guy this time next year.  

ZuZu treats him like her baby.  She's teaching him the wonders of the bathroom, follows him through our fruitless efforts of cardboard barriers to explore beneath the counter and lets him flop and snuggle against her while she sits sphinx-like, dozing. She's eight now.  Petals is about nine.   It's fun to have a wild, young Rascal in the mix.  

 The Easter Bunny Boy is exhausted. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

yesterday and today

Yesterday I had a little demonstration party for eight lovely women who came to see the rabbits, watch us make some arrangements and have some refreshments.  Sadly, one woman who reserved her place came just as we were cleaning up.  She thought it was five o'clock to eight.  We felt so bad...she'd come all the way from Western Massachusetts!  It was nice to chat with her though.  She wants to do wedding flowers to 'feed her soul'... I totally get that.

I will have another session in the Fall and maybe a class in May.  I'll try to remember to post it on the blog as well as our Newsletter.

Here's some of today's stuff.

Bunnies in the copse.

Hot Passover

California Poppies

Odd light-play from the camera.

Funeral piece for a beloved Aunt.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Rascalus Maximus is living up to his name!  First, he squeezed out of his first holding cage door.  It was locked with wire on one side and he squeezed through the other end of it.

He and ZuZu became bonded that night.  Fortunately, we'd been holding bonding sessions with them daily, so it was apparently an easy transition when he escaped into her territory.

A few nights later, he jumped the gate into Petal's side of the shop.  I came in the next morning to a floor covered with rabbit hair.  Poor Petals:  he didn't even know yet that Max was in the shop!

No harm done.  Petals was traumatized, but no injury.  I think Max was just curious.  He was sitting in Petals' doorway, calm as you please.  Petals was quaking in the corner of his house by the window.

So, Max is a jumper and I'm calling my friend Tom Driscoll to see if he can make a taller rabbit door between the front and the back.  Right now, we're using boards to keep him from leaping back and forth.

I'm a proud Mother of our Max.  He is adorable and friendly and he and ZuZu are now partners in continual crime.

Jill says he is just what we need right now.  Rascalus Maximus.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Any cheese puffs left?

Late to Jane's Flowers in the House party!

Petals is hosting our party this month.  The flowers are at HIS house.  As usual, he forgot to book the window washer. O. well.  The Timothy Hay is organic and the water is running freely.  Even the bathroom was cleaned.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Going softly into Spring

Marisa's arrangement on Wednesday.  This peachy pink rose is new.  It doesn't open which is a strike against it for me, but the color is gorgeous. It has a nice shape, so even if it doesn't open, it looks yielding as though it might!

These moody colors are accented with a new burgundy colored anemone, and checkered frittalaria.

News on our Rascal Max:  We've been having bonding sessions with ZuZu.  These are fascinating to watch.  The first few days, poor Max, not realizing he'd been neutered, used a rather 'cave man' approach to courting, for which ZuZu had no patience.  She kept moving away.  So a few days later, he tried kissing her first, and  although  his kisses are very rough, she began to warm to him a bit and even endured his 'mounting' tactics.  He's determined to bite her gently when he mounts and we try to discourage that.  ZuZu seems to know how to school him though and it will probably be a few weeks until they're bonded.  In the meantime, his  'free time' in the back is hilarious:  he climbs on everything, races around ZuZu's house trying to get in, races through the back of the shop and gives me a hard time when I try to put him back home for nap time.  I give him some hay which he eats and then he falls asleep just like a baby.  We are charmed by his young spirit, but we're looking forward to his life with ZuZu, in hopes that he'll calm down a bit and start feeling like he's really home!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


We picked him up at Sarah's Foster Home around one o'clock.

He snuggled into the towel on my lap and napped most of the way.

He loved the feel of the sun on his face. When it became too bright, he buried his eyes in the towel.

Welcome,  Rascal Max. We already love you to pieces.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

MY pity party

Feeling sorry for myself a bit here.  Marisa, my Indispensable at Bow Street and Peicha, my former assistant who now owns Fall Flowers in Philly, are both going HERE tomorrow to join the lucky participants at the Dutch Masters Class with the fabulous Sarah Ryhanen and Nicolette Camille. And my driver is spending the weekend in New York too!!

Truthfully, there's a special class at The Little Flower School  I'm waiting for that hopefully will be posted for the Summer.  The Girls are so excited, I feel it too.  Can't wait for their reports!!!

I will, however, not be thinking about them much tomorrow as Joe and I drive to Ashbernham and deep snow to pick up our little fellow who will become a part of our family at Bow Street Flowers.

I left early today to stop and buy three new water bottles for the rabbits and had time to stop here at Joanne Rossman's where I haven't visited in several years.  I used to stop in ever week before I owned a flower shop.  I had a little Tuesday junket that included the library, two thrift stores and Joanne's before I did the grocery shopping.

 Wouldn't you know she had an open bowl of the most interesting Japanese twine in different colors and weights?  Bought two of the finer weights to crochet into.... something.  Who cares what it turns out to be?

Clocks turn forward tonight. The hardest time change of the two for me.

I'll take photos of the Boy tomorrow and post them in the evening.  He'll stay in a cage overnight and ZuZu will be able to visit him during the night. We'll spend time bonding him with her on Monday.  I'm taking some banana with me. I'll spend some time looking him over on the way home... like a new baby.

First noses.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Latest news about 'Sheldon'

I received an email yesterday from 'Sheldon's' foster Mom.  He twice climbed out of a 30" enclosure. That just what I have here at the shop for ZuZu.  Guess I'm going shopping this afternoon at PetCo.

This is the photo I took of him.  A Climber.  Lord.

We were going to pick him up on Friday, but the snowstorm put the kabosh on that.  So, we'll take a ride out to the country on Sunday and bring this little rascal home.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Here is the 'official' foster portrait of "Sheldon".  Doesn't he look nice and normal: a soft, sweet bunny?

Well, hang on.  In the near future there will be tales from Bow Street Flowers of a naughty wild little rabbit with an insatiable need to run and play, and I fear he will have a co-conspirator in ZuZu.

At the foster home, ZuZu tolerated being mounted, although during their 'date' she did eventually try and dodge him.  He was not discouraged but did calm down a bit.  He was neutered last week so he still has courting on his mind.  This will fade over the next few weeks.  He's also lost a lot of his underside hair.  The Vet pronounced him well and thought maybe it was caused by stress.

I have a new name for him.  Stay tuned.

Oh, and he wags his tail.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring is here

Not much going on here until Thursday and then we were struggling to keep up with orders and deliveries.  Sometimes it feels like there is a random Cosmic declaration to get out and buy flowers.  Clearly, I didn't hear it.  But we managed,  even if it meant that I was driving to and fro to distribute the Goods.  And Goods they are.  The flowers coming in right now are eye-popping:  French ranunculus, Japanese sweet pea, Israeli peonies, Frittalaria, Dutch and local anemone.

And a word about Yelp.  Our reviews are great overall, but where we get pulled down a notch is at Valentine's Day.  A one star review can wreak havoc on us.  It really boils down to communication on our part.  I don't think we can ask enough questions or give enough information about timing and design. Next year I'm writing up a list of questions for the staff so we can avoid disappointed customers, and bad reviews.

 I'm having a little gathering at the shop for a free design demonstration and a question and answer session along with refreshments.  There are three spots left in case any local followers are interested in reserving a place.  Ten is as many as we can comfortably hold.  If you've ever had questions about where our flowers come from or how to extend the vase life of your flowers, or if you'd just like to hang out and enjoy a glass of wine, send us an email or call.   It's Sunday, March 24 from 3:00-5:00.