Thursday, March 14, 2013

Going softly into Spring

Marisa's arrangement on Wednesday.  This peachy pink rose is new.  It doesn't open which is a strike against it for me, but the color is gorgeous. It has a nice shape, so even if it doesn't open, it looks yielding as though it might!

These moody colors are accented with a new burgundy colored anemone, and checkered frittalaria.

News on our Rascal Max:  We've been having bonding sessions with ZuZu.  These are fascinating to watch.  The first few days, poor Max, not realizing he'd been neutered, used a rather 'cave man' approach to courting, for which ZuZu had no patience.  She kept moving away.  So a few days later, he tried kissing her first, and  although  his kisses are very rough, she began to warm to him a bit and even endured his 'mounting' tactics.  He's determined to bite her gently when he mounts and we try to discourage that.  ZuZu seems to know how to school him though and it will probably be a few weeks until they're bonded.  In the meantime, his  'free time' in the back is hilarious:  he climbs on everything, races around ZuZu's house trying to get in, races through the back of the shop and gives me a hard time when I try to put him back home for nap time.  I give him some hay which he eats and then he falls asleep just like a baby.  We are charmed by his young spirit, but we're looking forward to his life with ZuZu, in hopes that he'll calm down a bit and start feeling like he's really home!


Noelle the dreamer said...

Too funny about the little rascal 'Sheldon'! But those first two flowers arrangements are stunning (they have my name written all over, as in receiver, not designer mind you!)

An Urban Cottage said...

Marisa's arrangement is very pretty and looks beautiful against my pink table. The other one is really handsome if flowers can be handsome. That's one of my all-time favorites.

Rascal Max sounds like a playboy...bunny.

Jen said...

Love the colors in Marisa's arrangement--they are the ones I always go for, but oh my gosh that moody one is breathtaking!

Hope little Max settles in soon.

flwrjane said...

hahah maybe Max can come over and hang with Gus until he grows up. They seem to have the same energy level.

both arrangements are beyond but the colors in #2 speak to me.

I haven't even seen a frittilaria this year much less smelled one.

why oh why do I never plant any?

xo Jane

flowers on my table said...

Hello Shelley, the flowers are stunning, I love both colourways, and can smell those sweetpea from here. As for the animal antics, you won't be bored in your shop! Happy St. Patrick's day, and a lovely weekend, love Linda x

Terri said...

We're glad to hear Max is having fun. Wonder if ZuZu will appreciate all that energy?

I love sweet pea. I wish it stayed around longer :)

Alicia said...

pretty, pretty!

Sharon Parker said...

Love those bouquets. So sweet and pretty.

That Max is quite the rascal, isn't he? I hope ZuZu will be a calming influence.

webb said...

Spring flowers - who could ask for more. Well, maybe Sheldon!