Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Happy Spring

Spring arrived yesterday in all its soft breeziness.  We finished our outdoor plantings, delivered all of the Easter and Passover centerpieces, ate Thai food on the fly, and took a bad photo of the sleeping young rabbit in his new house.  It's a large cage with a top and it's big enough for two.  ZuZu was grumpy the first night about moving into her new digs, but now she and Max both hop in and out all day and I don't have to chase them around anymore to get them into it at night. 

Max is getting bigger.  He never stops eating.  His hair is beginning to grow in where it had come out in odd tufts before he came to us.  I'm going to miss his raggedy wild rabbit look, but he'll be a handsome guy this time next year.  

ZuZu treats him like her baby.  She's teaching him the wonders of the bathroom, follows him through our fruitless efforts of cardboard barriers to explore beneath the counter and lets him flop and snuggle against her while she sits sphinx-like, dozing. She's eight now.  Petals is about nine.   It's fun to have a wild, young Rascal in the mix.  

 The Easter Bunny Boy is exhausted. 


flwrjane said...

He and Gus should hang out,when they're done they're done.

Happy Easter, up your keister as we say ion the flower biz.

xo J.

An Urban Cottage said...

Have you found that Easter lilies don't have much scent anymore? I tried whiffing a few I've run in to in the two weeks and I get almost nothing in the way of scent.

Jen said...

Beautiful flowers--watercolors come to life...The petals of ranunculus and poppies are so delicate--but the colors are so powerful.

You have your hands full with those bunnies!

Amelia said...

Oh yes, I do recall one day of Spring...back in the deep freeze again although lookign at your flower pictures sure does make it seemly. That is one tuckered out rabbit and if he keeps eating he'll be as big as my Max!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Amelia - he's already filling out fast! I love the way he drops when he's tired. He'll be a big boy.