Sunday, March 24, 2013


Rascalus Maximus is living up to his name!  First, he squeezed out of his first holding cage door.  It was locked with wire on one side and he squeezed through the other end of it.

He and ZuZu became bonded that night.  Fortunately, we'd been holding bonding sessions with them daily, so it was apparently an easy transition when he escaped into her territory.

A few nights later, he jumped the gate into Petal's side of the shop.  I came in the next morning to a floor covered with rabbit hair.  Poor Petals:  he didn't even know yet that Max was in the shop!

No harm done.  Petals was traumatized, but no injury.  I think Max was just curious.  He was sitting in Petals' doorway, calm as you please.  Petals was quaking in the corner of his house by the window.

So, Max is a jumper and I'm calling my friend Tom Driscoll to see if he can make a taller rabbit door between the front and the back.  Right now, we're using boards to keep him from leaping back and forth.

I'm a proud Mother of our Max.  He is adorable and friendly and he and ZuZu are now partners in continual crime.

Jill says he is just what we need right now.  Rascalus Maximus.


webb said...

He's just darling! I love the rabbits in our neighborhood, tho sadly they love my lilies. Am working on lily covers now to try to discourage them. Enjoy..

An Urban Cottage said...

He's one handsome dude. I love the photo of him standing up.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

He definitely has that glint in his eye! He is just gorgeous - its easy to see why you've become attached so quickly. X

The Dancing Donkey said...

Nothing like a rambunctious little wild child to liven up one's life:)

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations said...

Do hope Petals has recovered from his surprise visitor. The new bunny is a handsome fella... So photogenic! Know all your lovely bunnies add much love to your days... Enjoy!

Jen said...

He looks like such a character--makes me want to reread all the Beatrix Potter books. Someone should write a picture book about your shop!

flwrjane said...

I love him cleaning up. Nothing cuter to me than little critters giving themselves a bath, getting ready for the next adventure.

xo Jane

Noelle the dreamer said...

The little Rascal! Precious!
Thanks for the photos,