Saturday, March 9, 2013

MY pity party

Feeling sorry for myself a bit here.  Marisa, my Indispensable at Bow Street and Peicha, my former assistant who now owns Fall Flowers in Philly, are both going HERE tomorrow to join the lucky participants at the Dutch Masters Class with the fabulous Sarah Ryhanen and Nicolette Camille. And my driver is spending the weekend in New York too!!

Truthfully, there's a special class at The Little Flower School  I'm waiting for that hopefully will be posted for the Summer.  The Girls are so excited, I feel it too.  Can't wait for their reports!!!

I will, however, not be thinking about them much tomorrow as Joe and I drive to Ashbernham and deep snow to pick up our little fellow who will become a part of our family at Bow Street Flowers.

I left early today to stop and buy three new water bottles for the rabbits and had time to stop here at Joanne Rossman's where I haven't visited in several years.  I used to stop in ever week before I owned a flower shop.  I had a little Tuesday junket that included the library, two thrift stores and Joanne's before I did the grocery shopping.

 Wouldn't you know she had an open bowl of the most interesting Japanese twine in different colors and weights?  Bought two of the finer weights to crochet into.... something.  Who cares what it turns out to be?

Clocks turn forward tonight. The hardest time change of the two for me.

I'll take photos of the Boy tomorrow and post them in the evening.  He'll stay in a cage overnight and ZuZu will be able to visit him during the night. We'll spend time bonding him with her on Monday.  I'm taking some banana with me. I'll spend some time looking him over on the way home... like a new baby.

First noses.


marlowe said...

Well, my dear, sorry you couldn't be with the girls in class, but it is so exciting that you have a new "baby" on the way :)
Eagerly awaiting pictures and stories of his adjustment to the new scene!

Jen said...

A Dutch Masters class is such a great idea! I love Joanne Rossman's too--she's wonderful and her shop is such fun. Look forward to the tales of Himself.

An Urban Cottage said...

Go Marisa! I hope you got the company camera so you can document it.

Let the bunny funny begin!