Monday, March 25, 2013

yesterday and today

Yesterday I had a little demonstration party for eight lovely women who came to see the rabbits, watch us make some arrangements and have some refreshments.  Sadly, one woman who reserved her place came just as we were cleaning up.  She thought it was five o'clock to eight.  We felt so bad...she'd come all the way from Western Massachusetts!  It was nice to chat with her though.  She wants to do wedding flowers to 'feed her soul'... I totally get that.

I will have another session in the Fall and maybe a class in May.  I'll try to remember to post it on the blog as well as our Newsletter.

Here's some of today's stuff.

Bunnies in the copse.

Hot Passover

California Poppies

Odd light-play from the camera.

Funeral piece for a beloved Aunt.


flwrjane said...

All arrangements rock but that funeral piece is truly beloved.

Got snow?

xo Jane

Jen said...

I must track down that newsletter.

Oh those California poppies...

An Urban Cottage said...

I'd be happy if I were the recipient of that funeral piece. Wait...that doesn't sound right.

rachel said...

Can I funeral-plan you into doing my flowers? They are so beautiful!