Thursday, April 4, 2013

If you came into the shop today...

you would find us fresh and clean (in the front, that is) , the tables and shelves stocked with orchids and their new containers, cherry blossom and Clematis.  

And of course, you'd see the Trouble Makers.

We're in post Easter quiet mode, pausing before wedding season begins later this month.  I am impatiently waiting for new glasses to be ready: mine are so scratched and spotted I was beginning to think I was losing my eye sight. I have to look around the blur that's settled in the middle of each lense.
It'll be a shock to look in the mirror when the 'film' is lifted... that's how bad they are.

We're investigating the possiblility of adding a fourth rabbit to cuddle up to Petals who doesn't visit the others anymore because he's afraid of Max after their spontaneous meeting one night.  Sarah at the House Rabbit Network is scouting out dates for him.

In spite of the the cold, it's clear that Spring has arrived.


Jen said...

Wonderful pictures. I wish I was there today--i'd never want to leave. Such a kind and pretty light in the universe.

An Urban Cottage said...

Oh, I always love the branches. The perfect symbol of spring for me.

I do believe that Zuzu has a glow about her. She must be in love.

Terri said...

I'm glad you are hunting a friend for Petals. The other two are so cute together :)

Sharon Parker said...

Poor Petals! I hope he gains a buddy soon. The flowers and branches look wonderful.

flwrjane said...

Is there a guarantee the new bunny will love Petals?

What is she wants to be with the other two?

Your shop looks beautiful and tranquil.

Enjoy the moment.2629 oesneio

xo jane

rachel said...

A House Rabbit Network? Wonderful!

If I didn't have so many cats, I'd rather like some House Rabbits....

Good luck with finding a fourth.

webb said...

If I had stepped into your shop yesterday, i would have been sure that spring is really here. It looks yummy.