Thursday, April 18, 2013


Customers often ask me if I have a beautiful garden at home.  I think they are disappointed to learn that I am a mediocre gardener and haven't done much in the yard since I bought the shop nine years ago.

Other Bloggers have inspired me to many things including my obsession with donkeys and my dream of owning a little hobby farm with a couple of them along with some chickens and maybe a little goat.

A garden hadn't figured in the plans, but lately I have been inspired by the amazing Erin of Floret and Sarah at her Worldsend Farm to take a stab at growing dahlias for the shop, and a few vegetables other than (but including) tomatos.   I've also been inspired by my new knees which stand strong for long periods of time now and bend very nicely!

I've layed my large plastic sheeting - 10x20 at the sunniest spot in my back yard and in Mid May, I'll have it roto tilled, amend the soil and lay the weed blocking membrane.  We're perusing the
Swan Island catalog for the dahlias we'd like to grow and I'm checking out my local nursery for varieties I didn't find there.

I'll keep it simple:  only five different varieties that work well as cut flowers in colors we use a lot in weddings.  Sadly, there are no Cafe au Lait dahlias left in the world it seems.  I can't find one!

And here is what I hope to reap in the Fall.


Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Oh you will you will you will, and they'll be glorious - and I'll be able to enjoy them from this end of the world too! xx

Jen said...

The shoemakers children have no shoes...

What a treat it will be to have your homegrown flowers in the shop!

An Urban Cottage said...

Why disappoint customers with the truth? Surely a little marketing wouldn't hurt anyone.

I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor (and new knees).

webb said...

So glad the knees are working well. It hasn't been all that long since you "got" them. Hope you will love your new garden.

Alicia said...

oh! This is my dream!
These days I am sowing dahlias at auntie´s garden. Here at the Basque Country the local producers don´t exist, nobody sell local flowers, all comes from Holland!

I am glad to know that your knees are ok ;)

Bow Street Flowers said...

Alicia - tell me how your dahlias grow!!!

Webb - knees working well to my amazement.

Steve - My knees stay covered!

Jen - I was thinking that about the Shoemaker. I wish there were two of me!

Amanda = Yes, my dahlias will flourish during your Springtime... I hope!