Saturday, May 25, 2013

"My eyes adore you".

Our shop is certainly an eclectic mix of styles.  Victorian isn't one of them.  I like rustic, mid-c. Italian, 18th c. french and english anything and most old garden ornaments.

So, I'm still wondering what came over my brain when I saw this at the Antique Market.

Everything disappeared except this beauty as my eyes lasered onto it.  I've never seen anything like it.  I could see it filled with flowers.  It's mouth is wide, the bowl is deep.  It has a foot.  It has everything, including gold (my favorite embellishment) and flowers below the neck.

I couldn't wait to deliver the wedding this morning to Oleana, so I could unwrap it and fill it.

I'm leaving it in the curtainless (curtains being washed) window this weekend.

Oh, and here's Emily's bouquet, held by Lizzie wearing a shirt that matches the peonies!

There are 20 bags of compost in my Element.  Hope the weekend dries up a bit.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our daily bread

I love weddings and parties, but love also our daily fare when there are no restrictions other than 'seasonal flowers'.  This is made up with peonies, roses, sweet pea, ranunculus and pennycress.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Signs of summer

We turned the AC on yesterday.  The air was a little thick and it was warm.  The shop has no natural cross ventilation, so it's important that we do what we can to stay cool for the flowers, the rabbits and us.

The landlord installed a screen at our request across the transom window.  The AC is in a window on the floor (the floor was dropped for some reason years ago:  the window used to be in the basement). So the bunnies stay cool on the floor and the hot air rises and goes out the transom.

We get about two hours of direct sun in the early morning.  Without our cooling system, everything would cook on a hot day.

 Signs of Summer are here.  Heavy fog this morning and clouds lowering for an afternoon downpour.
It's breezy but humid.  I'm not complaining...yet: just preparing for the inevitable.

Meanwhile we're making pretty flowers.  These are for Jen.

Petals is recovering from his bonding session with Alice yesterday.  She's fairly willing to make friends, but he's cranky.  Everytime she gets near him, he hits her, or bites her face.  She put up with that a couple of times and then she bit him back.  No wounds for either of them, but big chunks of fur were left on the floor.  She's definitely waiting to be groomed by him.  There's always a standoff with their heads touching.  He's waiting to be groomed as well.  This may take a while.

This is Alice giving me the Evil Eye because I latched her hutch for the day.

She's big and bad.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Merry Month of May

Flowers don't get much better than this.  May brides have access to the cream of the season.  June brides will have peonies too, but with the beautiful flowers and this amazing May weather, a wedding day right now is close to perfection.

The wedding was at the First Lutheran Church of Boston.  Really a lovely church.  Mid-Century design: simple interior, practical wooden pews.  I just wish the lighting was updated.  

Tomorrow is my first day off in two weeks.  Yay!!  Going to visit Locke Farm in Winchester where there's a donkey!! and of course, a trip to Codman to see my Girl Opal.  Might go to Darby Road in Waltham to look for a lamp.  And Russos for eggplant and berries and Pecorino Romano and rainbow carrots and chard and.....

I love May and I feel Merry

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another year

Not only was it Mother's Day today, but it's also Lizzie's Birthday and mine too!  We had chocolate cake from Flour that was the best cake I've ever had. Even the writing on the cake was beautiful.

We've also almost made through Mother's Day which isn't the same as making it through Valentine's Day.  The flowers in May are really the best of the year, with October coming in a very close second.  We were awash in lilac, peonies, garden roses, lily of the valley and for the most part, the customers were sweet and loved their arrangements.  One mother worried over her August Luise roses, so we switched out her arrangement and all was well.

August Luise next to the last of the Japanese Sweet Pea.

Waiting to be delivered.

And ZuZu and Max fell more deeply in love.  I haven't seen ZuZu this relaxed and happy since she was married to Petals.

They were babies here.  ZuZu 6 months, Petals one year.

Alice is still getting used to us and all the noise outside.  She's a shy one, but loves being petted and groomed by us.  Next week: Operation Bonding!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Long ears

Rabbits and donkeys, it seems to me, have some things in common besides their long, lovely ears.

I visited Opal today at Codman Farm.  She's back with the sheep.

The lambs are sequestered behind a gate, but next to their mothers, although one must have slipped through the fence to find his mother and nurse.  Poor lamb was too big to stand beneath her, so knelt   and butted its head against her teats.  She allowed it for a minute, then walked away.

Opal lay back her ears and rushed the lamb who ran for shelter among the other sheep.

I brought Timothy pellets for my favorite donkey.  I give her four or five little pellets at a time and she pulled them off of my hand with her soft lips, enjoying each little bit.

Like a rabbit, Opal eats up the goodies, but doesn't automatically warm up to me.  Petals will shy away when I try and pet him and won't come when called until he's ready.  It takes patience, and time to engage with them.  I can sit for fifteen minutes in a chair or on the floor and when Petals is ready, he comes for a snuggle, and then he totally collapses like a pancake and laps up the love.

It took Opal twenty minutes of hoovering up the little treats before she let me stroke her ears, scratch her neck and forelock.  After a half hour, she presented her butt for scratching like she was doing ME a favor!!!  Of course I scratched it for a full five minutes.  

I'm ordering a furminator to take with me next time I go to the farm.  Last year, it was months before she shed her winter coat.  In June I began taking a brush with me to loosen the old hair.  I think she might like the furminator.

Petals will begin to molt in the Spring too.  No furminator for the rabbits. They prefer gentle plucking of their loosening coats:  too rough and we're rejected.

Dogs are so much more transparent.  This makes them lovable in a very different way.  But rabbits and donkeys are more discerning and it ends up being a lesson in patience to win them over.  It's nice to be greeted by a deliriously happy canine at the end of a long, hard day.  But there is a real satisfaction when a donkey or a rabbit present themselves in trust for our attentions.

Petals giving me the cold shoulder

Another cool one.

Timothy pellets pique Opal's interest

Treats rule!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Somerville and beyond on Mother's Day!

A footed bowl designed with peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, jasmine and hydrangea. 200.00

If that budget is too high, we'll have lots of options beginning at 75.00  featuring the same flowers.  Just choose your palette!!