Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another year

Not only was it Mother's Day today, but it's also Lizzie's Birthday and mine too!  We had chocolate cake from Flour that was the best cake I've ever had. Even the writing on the cake was beautiful.

We've also almost made through Mother's Day which isn't the same as making it through Valentine's Day.  The flowers in May are really the best of the year, with October coming in a very close second.  We were awash in lilac, peonies, garden roses, lily of the valley and for the most part, the customers were sweet and loved their arrangements.  One mother worried over her August Luise roses, so we switched out her arrangement and all was well.

August Luise next to the last of the Japanese Sweet Pea.

Waiting to be delivered.

And ZuZu and Max fell more deeply in love.  I haven't seen ZuZu this relaxed and happy since she was married to Petals.

They were babies here.  ZuZu 6 months, Petals one year.

Alice is still getting used to us and all the noise outside.  She's a shy one, but loves being petted and groomed by us.  Next week: Operation Bonding!!!


flwrjane said...

Happiest of working birthdays.

How will you celebrate tonight?

Ice pack and champagne anyone?

xo jane

The Dancing Donkey said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!

webb said...

How could anyone NOT love those roses? Be still my heart and happy birthdays!

Jen said...

May is such a heady month. I can't stop smelling the lilacs.

And the rabbits--heartwarming!

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations said...

I hope you got some well deserved rest along with left over cake! The flowers are lovely and the bunnies adorable. Our southern air is thick with the sweet smell of Confederate Jasmine... Delights of spring! Happy birthday to you both... just a tad late!

marlowe said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Bunny Love!