Tuesday, June 11, 2013

before and after front garden, flowers, bunny and dahlia bed

On the Home Front

Before and after Charlie


My fragrant Felicia


The little Beast that DID!!

Dahlias ready to go in.

So, I made an attempt several months ago to put shelves inside my Fireplace surround.  I thought I was very clever, but the whole thing turned out to be crap.  It fell apart when I walked passed it.

Then one morning, I was dreading coming downstairs to the tumbled mess of books and baskets and suddenly remembered some glass tiles I had at the shop.  Even better, I remembered there were two GIANT glass tiles in the basement.  My suddenly (but infrequently) nimble brain put the whole bookcase together in about 60 seconds and I spent the day gathering the bricks from the shop and from the basement and then neatly arranged my very special books, my World of Interior collection from this year, my portrait of my dog Pickles and the print of a wild Indian Ass given to me by Lizzie who works in the shop.  Baskets fit beneath the lower shelf.  Genius.

Then, I topped off the mantle with yellow garden roses.

On the Shop Front

Couldn't resist posting this Instagram photo of the arrangment I did in my lovely new Victorian vase.

Wedding arrangement for Memorial church

Wedding bouquet

Centerpiece at Tower Hill Botanical Garden last weekend.

And my favorite photo of the week:  Alice finally relaxing and dreaming in her new home.


marlowe said...

Oh, thank you for the before and after photos! I love what Charlie did.
And you're brilliant: the fireplace solution looks perfect. Did you find any goodies on your antique crawl?

flwrjane said...

SOS: can you send Charlie down my way?

Almost mean it.

Wowza yourself. Look at those flowers.

Your style is evolving beautifully.

I love every arrangement.

I'm going back for another look.

xo Jane

Jen said...

Gorgeous arrangements!!! I am all over those yellow roses--saw some growing in P'town and almost stole one.

Nice to see the Charlie magic and your shelves are wonderful--brilliant idea to use the glass bricks.

Such a pleasure to see a content Alice.

paisleysummer said...

It's always nice to find a use for things you've been hanging on to for ages. The shelves look great and very useful.
The arrangements are stunning x

Alicia said...

Beautiful arrangements! And I like the idea for the shelves.
I like a lot the World of interiors too :)
Today I have meet Amelia from the blog Musing with Max, she and her husband are in holiday in Spain, amazing internet!

webb said...

Wonderful arrangements, and what a good idea for your firplace ... altho i guess you won 't be having many fires now.

Your Charlie is a miracle worker. That's going to be a lovely space as it matures. Enjpy!!

Sprout said...