Sunday, June 2, 2013


When I walked into the Open House of our future home thirteen years ago, my eye looked beyond the dark sub-floor of the living room, through the door ahead of me into the sunny kitchen and out the windows where the expanse of a huge backyard shimmered in the morning light.  All I saw was a blank canvas for a garden. It was the biggest backyard in the neighborhood: techinically two lots.

For three years, I planted roses, perennials, made a slew of gardening mistakes, like pruning down an arborvitae, planting willow whips and a white wisteria that decided to eat the yard and never bloomed.

In 2003 I bought Bow Street Flowers where I'd worked and apprenticed for three years.  The 'garden' turned into a yard.  Seedling trees sprouted unnoticed and turned into saplings. The saplings turned into trees before we noticed.  Joe mowed the lawn and I pulled Tree of Heaven  babies, but the vegetation slowly took over and we were overwhelmed.

Charlie has helped me with post wedding rental pick ups.  He has been a pleasure to work with.

When he returned some pedestals to my house, he offered to help me with my yard.  He and his crew came today.  I am blown away by the job they did.  They created real beds in the front yard around the roses, pruned the wisteria beautifully and fixed the molding that the wisteria had pulled off of the garage. They also pruned my out-of-control hydrangea and pulled weeds everywhere.  My 'yard' is a garden again.

In three weeks, Charlie's coming back to transform the backyard that had dazzled me with it's possibilities in 1999.  My dahlia bed is in and the vegetables will go in this week.  Will I be able to garden again?

Looking for someone to whip your garden into shape?  Call the shop and I'll give you Charlie's number.


webb said...

Cahrlie sounds like a gem. With your busy life, that sounds like just the fixer-upper you need so that now ypu can enjoy both ypur yard and your garden. When do we get pictures?

Jen said...

Sounds like magic--like the good fairy waved her wand and Charlie appeared!

I'm happy for you!

The Dancing Donkey said...

I sure could use a Charlie. Do you suppose he travels and works in exchange for donkey hugs?

flwrjane said...

Excellent! Oh for a Charlie.

Nothing is more exciting to me that walking around a garden full and seeing what may come, and bloom and grow.

Hope to share yours in words and pictures.

It's pouring rain here. No gardening today.


xo J.

marlowe said...

Oh so excited for you, my dear! Blessings on Charlie and his crew.

rachel said...

Pictures, pictures! Please! We need befores and afters!!

Terri said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a Charlie around? I assume we're going to see pictures :)

Amelia said...

Can't wait for the pictures, it sounds glorious. Charlie sounds like a gem.