Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flower Mentors from across the miles and across the years AND why I might love my new Nikon.

My assistant, Marisa and my previous assistant Peicha both travelled to New York from Boston and Philly to take a day long class from the Rulers of a certain type of floral design that we admire here at Bow Street Flowers.  Sarah from Saipua and Nicolette of Nicolette Camille held court to teach their students how to design an arrangement based upon Dutch flower paintings. The place was packed.  Everyone was dazzled.

While our design style has always been inspired by gardens and we've always used interesting materials, these two women have taken this style to another plane and have developed a philosophy of flowers that is thrilling and speaks to the heart of all florists who truly love beautiful flowers.

Other inspirations are Erin at Floret Flowers who grows impossibly gorgeous flowers on her farm in Washington, Ariella Chazar whose bride's bouquets are flawlessly beautiful. Lotte, from Lotte in Bloom makes lovely soft arrangements and wedding work that look as though the flowers were picked moments before.

A favorite painter from the 18th c.  I wish had some of her containers!

I played hooky on Tuesday and went to Maine with a friend, looking for interesting containers.  I found two metal Jardinieres from England that I thought might work for a certain customer whose anniversary is coming up soon.

Yesterday I bought a flower frog and at the end of the day, Marisa and I set up on of them with the frog and chicken wire.  Then Marisa strut her stuff she learned in NY.  The result was pretty great.  Unfortunately, most of the flowers died overnight so I didn't get a photo this morning.(the flowers were pretty old). Today, I did try and follow the lines Marisa had created.

  This brings me to the subject of my new Nikon D 3100.  I've played around with it for a few days.  I read the Manual.  I formatted the memory card.  I adjusted the viewfinder.  I took notes on the photos I did take on different settings.  My photos kept looking like crap.  I did learn, though, that the morning has the best light on a sunny day.  I learned that landscape mode is a good choice for what I photgraph, but manual works good too.  The screen is my only gripe.  All the photos look grainy and the color is awful.  So I took some photos with my Canon point and shoot.  Photos on that screen looked pretty and the color looked great.  I put them both onto the computer.  Here is the difference:



Anyone who wants to weigh in with an opinion, please feel free, and if you're a photographer, PLEASE weigh in!


marlowe said...

I vote for the Nikon! The image is crisp and detailed compared to the canon.
Beautiful, by the way!!

Jen said...

I am so happy to have found you and the florist bloggers you mentioned--I have learned to much about floral design, but also you guys are all smart and funny too!

I like the Canon picture, but I can see potential with the other. I wish I could learn to use a good camera, but any time I try something more complicated that point and shoot I have a mini-breakdown. Learning a bit about light and framing the composition has helped.

Terri said...

Exposure compensation or adjusting image brightness?

Alicia said...


flwrjane said...

I'm impressed you even have two cameras and know some of the finer points.

But I do know flowers and share your admiration of the flower godesses you write about.

Hasn't the internet been an eyeopener for all of us?

New tricks.

xo Jane

An Urban Cottage said...

The exposures look very different. I assume you're saying they were taken at the same time? I like both. The Canon is light and airy and the Nikon is moody. It might just be the difference of a little setting. Are they both on the automatic setting?

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

This is probably not at all what you are looking for, but I suggest play play play, with whichever camera you like. You'll learn to get what you want. I've always believed the very best photographic light is closest to sunrise and sunset, but there are always exceptions. Enjoy the process.