Friday, June 21, 2013


During my childhood, my Stepfather took hundreds of pictures of my Mother, of me, of the cat and... my Mother.  Whenever I was called upon to shoot a photo of him and my Mom, the photos came out blurry, and at the time, it took about a week for my Stepfather to see the results and fume.  Whenever someone took a photo of me, I always closed my eyes.  Our family album is filled with blurry pictures of them and me with my eyes shut.  Photos of my Mom always looked great.  

The psychological implications of the blurry photos might bear scrutiny, but what's most important for this post is the excellent photos of my pretty Mother, taken by a smitten man.

Ken Rockwell is a photographer whose website I found through The 7msn Ranch (where Linda Carson blogs about her three donkeys and her horse and dog, etc).  Ken says our photos improve when we care about our subject, plus he says a lot of other amazing things about photography that have encouraged me to actually read my Instruction Manual and press a lot of scary buttons on my new camera.  This may not be a revelation to some readers, but I found it enlightening,

especially, considering how much I love my subject.  This pretty arrangement was designed by Marisa.  The Nikon was on automatic and had the LCD brightness on +3. (I have no idea what LCD is yet, but it seems to brighten things up)!

Kris, over at The Dancing Donkey takes beautiful photos of her donkeys, Emma and Ramsey, and her horse Tessa with an old point and shoot.  Each of her photos of them is filled with love. She really works her little camera and follows a blog called Sunday Stills which is a kind of no pressure photography challenge that gets people 'out with their cameras'.

Denise at Chez Danisse left a comment yesterday recommending that I 'play, play, play', and I guess, along with learning about the annoying buttons, is just what I'll do.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Use your manual settings and pick the aperture setting you want and then "bracket" the speed up and down a bit to see what you like best. Then change the aperture and start over. Also, play with your white balance so you get the truest colors you can. Have fun :-D.

flwrjane said...

Once again you leave me in the dust.

But I'm enjoying your results.

xo J.

Amelia said...

You've clearly improved immensely from your blurry photo days. I love that description of your stepfather's obsession.

Jen said...

Pretty mom, smitten man--I love that!

Gorgeous picture.

The Dancing Donkey said...

If you get tired of reading the manual, you could always try my method...carry the camera with you everywhere and take a thousand pictures of anything and everything. Eventually you get some good ones. The law of averages is on your side that way.:)

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

I share your frustrations with the camera Shelley. Although I think it looks as though you're learning pretty well on the job! I purchased a new camera last year, just before I went to India, and swear that I've hated it for at least 9 months of the past 12. Slowly I'm learning a little more, and I'm playing with it a lot, and it's not as advanced as yours, so I really do think you're doing well!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

"our photos improve when we care about our subject" What a simple and beautiful sentiment.

PS I've always had that same eye closing tendency.