Saturday, July 27, 2013

A daily record...not.

Several times over the last year I've noticed, then ignored my Header: "A daily record of life in a small flower shop".  A 'daily record' it is not:  a weekly record, maybe.

My discomfort over my lack of due diligence has increased with the wonderful invention of Instagram which satisfies my addiction to The Visual and makes me more lazy with the blog.

On Instagram I don't have to agonize over the light when I take a photo, nor do I need to edit. I guess I don't mean 'agonize' but it's work to try and take a really good photo of flowers and I'm still a rookie.

The blog is related to my business and it's really a marketing tool, even when I'm taking pics of the rabbits, Opal the donkey or a slice of lemon floating in my cup of hot water.  

I follow several blogs that aren't related to any business:  wonderful folks just laying out their messy, tangled, rich and textured lives in perfect and often funny prose.  Sometimes I wish I could too, and wish also that I could write that well.

If I were a super-powered business woman, my blog would be filled with weekly specials, wedding packages, plant care tips, and even contests!   But really, I just want to make pretty flowers, raise some rabbits, grow some dahlias and make the shop as welcoming as I can...and write about that and other wonders I come upon in my limited travels.

Where am I going with this?

Probably no where:  I'm probably just outing myself for not writing 'daily' since you've probably already noticed and if you know I know then we can continue without me promising to write posts more often, except that I'd like to but may not while there's Instagram.

It's Cosmos season.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A blissful evening

Rather than go out into the garden to pick flowers for Jane's FITH this morning while it was still and very warm, I decided to wait and be late (as usual) to the party.  I'm glad I did.  The wind is up and it's cool, albeit humid, but I don't care about that as long as there's some relief from the blazing heat we've had here all last week.

Not much left in the garden except hydrangea and roses.  I've kept the dahlia 'crop' weeded and watered, but I've left the rest of the established yard to its own deep root system.  Some hydrangea that received more sun has suffered, except the Annabelle  that has sucked up the heat like manna from heaven.

I gathered all the rose specimans that weren't burned from moisture and heat, the hydrangea, a little spirea and some autumn clematis vine.

Time to go visit everyone else's house:  a great way to end the day.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Too damned hot

Rabbits don't do well in the heat.  They can be cozy and comfortable inside during the winter with no heat on:  they prefer it cold.

Today we've filled up buckets with ice for Alice and Petals who live in the front of the shop where it's warmest.

Everyone is hiding from the heat except for Max who's building a box house out of a case filled already with vases. He'll stop when he gets to the glass.

 I put my camera close to the ground and shot hoping to find ZuZu..and there she was, a little blur hiding from the heat.

Rose treat for Alice.  She curls up to the bucket when she's not eating.

And here's a blurry flat boy staying cool.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pink and white

Alice is the most cautious rabbit we've ever had.  She doesn't love us yet, but she's feeling more at home here.  When she first arrived, we would let her out to roam the front of the shop for the day, but getting her to go home was a challenge.  Lately, we've simply put her evening meal in her house and she easily goes in to eat.  We close her up, open up Petal's house and let him out for the night.

The last time we attempted bonding the two of them, Petals went back to his house and fell asleep for the afternoon.  Bonding is stressfull and he is pretty old:  nine years.  So, I'm taking him out to Littleton Hospital for a check up this month to make sure his heart is strong enough to deal with the stress.  Also, he's never been checked by a Vet.  He's been the healthiest of all the bunnies we've had, but now, it's time to get a sense of how he's doing.  I think he'd probably be just as happy as a single guy for the rest of his life, but it would be nice for Alice to have a pal.

Alice is also moulting.  Gone is the fat sleek rabbit who first arrived.  Now she has raggedy fur that gives her a quirky look which is  irrisistable.  I love this photo of her: she looks a bit wild.

The wedding this weekend is yellow.  We have a few big birthdays this week, so I chose pink anemone and sweet pea to go with the last of the  Jame's Pillow peonies.

Yellow wedding photos coming up next.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Beasts in the city, a Beauty in the country.

Allendale farm is a working farm in Jamaica Plain:  in the city of Boston.  I've gone there for years to buy their own produce, plants and bunches of Cosmos when they aren't showing up in the Flower Market.

They give Hay Rides in the Fall.  It's the only time one can actually see the whole farm which is bordered by Chestnut Hill and Brookline.  A drive down Allendale Road is like a lovely fiction of rural life that lasts for about a delicious minute before one hits the backed up traffic of commuters making their way home from work.

The farm's vision has been pretty tame.  Vegetables, chickens, a nursery and a small specialty grocery.

Imagine my surprise when I saw these guys grazing one day last Spring.

What the heck are they?

Two Long Horn steer.  In Boston.  Not in the zoo.  Grazing peacefully right along Allendale Road.

I think the farm needs a few donkeys.

Here is Opal grazing with the sheep.  Her face is covered with flies.  I found a tank top in the car, soaked it with water and managed to remove a big goober from her right eye.  This is where the flies like to drink.  I tried to solve the problem with a wet rag.  She had other ideas.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.