Saturday, July 27, 2013

A daily record...not.

Several times over the last year I've noticed, then ignored my Header: "A daily record of life in a small flower shop".  A 'daily record' it is not:  a weekly record, maybe.

My discomfort over my lack of due diligence has increased with the wonderful invention of Instagram which satisfies my addiction to The Visual and makes me more lazy with the blog.

On Instagram I don't have to agonize over the light when I take a photo, nor do I need to edit. I guess I don't mean 'agonize' but it's work to try and take a really good photo of flowers and I'm still a rookie.

The blog is related to my business and it's really a marketing tool, even when I'm taking pics of the rabbits, Opal the donkey or a slice of lemon floating in my cup of hot water.  

I follow several blogs that aren't related to any business:  wonderful folks just laying out their messy, tangled, rich and textured lives in perfect and often funny prose.  Sometimes I wish I could too, and wish also that I could write that well.

If I were a super-powered business woman, my blog would be filled with weekly specials, wedding packages, plant care tips, and even contests!   But really, I just want to make pretty flowers, raise some rabbits, grow some dahlias and make the shop as welcoming as I can...and write about that and other wonders I come upon in my limited travels.

Where am I going with this?

Probably no where:  I'm probably just outing myself for not writing 'daily' since you've probably already noticed and if you know I know then we can continue without me promising to write posts more often, except that I'd like to but may not while there's Instagram.

It's Cosmos season.


Jen said...

I hope you don't stop blogging-- I'd miss you!

The only reason I want an iphone is for Instagram. Otherwise I like the idea of being the last person on earth to use a Blackberry.

Bow Street Flowers said...

No, Jen! won't stop blogging! just wish I could blog more, take more good photos.
You can't get Instagram on the new Blackberry?

flwrjane said...

They'll be no stopping blogging Missy.

All blogs evolve, that's their nature.

Change your mission statement from daily to occasional and keep posting your lovely photos of flowers and bunnies and your beautiful store and work when you feel like it.

And we'll all enjoy the more frequent Instagram updates.

After all if it wasn't for blogging we wouldn't be going to Maine. Right?

xoxoxo Jane

Amelia said...

Well I always thought your blog was funny and clever and all that other stuff you addition to a marketing tool. I don't have an iphone so I don't have Instagram but I did download an app called Little photo, does the same thing. By the way I think your photos are lovely.

marlowe said...

I love your posts -- whenever they arrive! Are you sure this wasn't a trick to lure the last of us to Instagram? (And I mean that in addition to blogging!)
Missing you!!

An Urban Cottage said...

I hear you. That's why my team of assistants do my blog posts. No one will ever be the wiser.

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations said...

Your posts and photos are delightful whenever you decide to share! This should be fun and easy... Daily not required. Smiles ... Susan

rachel said...

And whose blog is it, pray? Exactly, You can do what you like with it, and no one can tell you otherwise. Just don't stop altogether, will you!