Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It could be Paris in August

It's so easy to drive in Boston right now.  Traffic is at a minimum as so many folks are taking their last bit of summer vacation to the beach or the lake.  

I am back from my vacation.  The Flower Market is bursting with local product.  The special Connecticut dahlias are starting to show up:  such beauties!  All the 'weedy' field type flowers that I love are available by the bucketful. 

We have new customers as a result of Marisa's stellar job of holding down the fort and I am so grateful to have been able to get away for my week of donkey madness!

I was going to take this trip alone, thinking that my husband would be bored to death by the narrow scope of my vision for our vacation, but he was eager to go and I'm grateful he was along to take on some driving.  Well, half of the driving.

There are so many photos that didn't turn out well, but here are a few of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in Guelph, Ontario.

This place is devoted to the well being of abused, abandoned and surrendered donkeys.  They are never adopted out, although it's possible that the satellite foster homes will put theirs up for adoption.  The stories of abuse are heartbreaking, but many donkeys were mostly ignored with overgrown hooves and results of basic neglect.  This is their home forever and the staff knows each and every one of them. It is the most altruistic place I've ever been to.

This is Joey.  He's forty eight.  He has arthritis so doesn't get up much but he loves the attention of the visitors.

This guy was swatting at flies and hiding from a whipping wind that blew hard during our visit.  The guy peeking around the corner is Apollo.

I don't know this guy's name but I love the photo.  Donkeys are cautious and their behavior is sometimes a bit comical as they slowly test the waters of their immediate enviroment.

I couldn't resist taking this photo.  The donkey was asleep against the fence, standing there by himself and enjoyed my ear massages while he snoozed away.  When he woke up, he offered his muzzle and 'chewed' my fingers with his lips.

Our last destination in Upstate New York was Kris's farm.  She blogs at The Dancing Donkey about her herd and her dog Tanner.  I wish I'd had an extra day to spend with her. We left at eight from Canada, but didn't arrive at the farm until three.

Her donkeys, Emma and Ramsey have a lot of followers and readers who are enriched by her wisdom and delighted with the antics of this mother and her 'baby' who is actually a year old now.  Ramsey develped a terrible hoof infection when he was very young and we all followed daily for updates of his care at Cornell.  Cornell is apparently where one wants to be for such care and they brought Ramsey back from a very close call to the relief of Kris's readers and obviously  for Kris as well.  The post-care was arduous and long and Kris did an amazing job of caring for this little guy.

I couldn't wait to meet them.  Here they are!

Ramsey and Kris with Emma

Emma and Ramsey and Joe

Kris's beautiful farm she built herself. Jeez.

Beautiful, sweet Tessa


Weddings coming up for the last of summer and the fall.  My last donkey blog for a while.  Thank you Kris for your generous hospitality and for sharing these amazing equines with us.  We WILL be back sometime.


An Urban Cottage said...

Why would anyone abuse a donkey? I just don't get it.

I think it sounds like a wonderful vacation. It's great not only to know there are good people in the world but to be reminded that we can do more good ourselves.

Jen said...

What a wonderful and interesting vacation. You are so amazing!

I will definitely be checking out the sanctuary and the Dancing Donkey.

marlowe said...

What great images, Shelley! You must have been in donkey heaven.

Anonymous said...

Shelley! I saw your vehicle at the market this morning and so wished I knew what you looked like so I could say hello! I say we plan a date for when Jane from Small but Charming comes for a visit!


flwrjane said...

What a fulfilling vacation and I'm so glad Joe got to go with you, not only to share the driving but to share in your happiness.

I'm with Steve. Why would anyone abuse a donkey. Or a cat, a dog, a child.

We need to be reminded of the goodness that exists in the world.

xo Jane

flwrjane said...

And Myca, good plan.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Apollo peeking. Can't wait to hear all about the trip, looks so fun!

The Three Muleteers said...

Ah you lucky thing! Delighted to hear about your meeting with Emma and Ramsey and nice to see the pics of the Canadian Donkey Sanctuary, I have contact with them every now and then and they are such lovely folks :-) Donkey therapy in abundance, what could be better?!

The Dancing Donkey said...

Why, I know those donkeys! Feels a little funny to see them on another blog:) You got some really nice shots there. I think my average is still about one decent picture for every hundred. You're doing good with your new camera.

We all enjoyed meeting you. Come back any time.

Amelia said...

Just like Steve and Jane I'm kind of shocked that anyone would abuse a donkey! They have such sweet faces. I love the fly swatter/Apollo picture. Glad you had such anice vacation.

Anonymous said...

I love the donkeys, they seem to have a lot of personality.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

At first glance I thought Apollo was a unicorn. Can you see it? The ear that looks like a horn, if you look very quickly... But he's still quite handsome with a simple two ears and no unicorn horn.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

And, I'm sure everyone agrees, what an amazing place!