Sunday, September 22, 2013

Equinox weekend

Our long week ended with this morning's delivery to the Habitat at Mass Audubon in Belmont.
We were finished setting up at ten.  I dropped Marisa off at home and made my way to Peets in Harvard Square where I did something I've never done before.  Instead of ordering 'to go', I ordered my cappo for 'here' and sat at a table with my laptop to download photos from our two weddings this weekend.

Rain or shine, the Habitat is always lovely.  On rainy days, it's cozy inside.  When the sun is out, couples are often married outside among the trees on the extensive grounds which are filled with flowers and beautiful shrubs.  It's a homey welcoming venue, and there's going to be an Open House on Sunday, October 27.  Interested brides and grooms can chat with caterers and florists and tour the house and grounds. 

Saturday's wedding was at the Nashoba Valley Winery.  We'd never been there before; it was a sweet surprise.  The leaves are just beginning to turn.  The weather was glorious.

Except for last night's rain, the days have been perfection and apparently will continue on through the week.  It is, however chilly tonight.  Sandal weather is coming to an end with the first day of Fall.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Here is our shop a few years ago before the green benches fell apart and the glare-reducing awnings went up.  The colors were chosen after an artist friend did a lot work coming up with this combination.

I've never seen this exact color pairing before, but yesterday while stealing time for some local antiquing, I came across this:

This is a little oil painting by Antoinette Saint Leger.  She is a french artist who isn't very well known apparently: only found one painting of hers on Google. I would love to know what flower shop this is.
The colors of the door and windows are reversed, but it could easily be Bow Street Flowers on Mother's Day.

Even if there were no similarities, I love how it picks up the blue of our table and those hot pinks of the dahlias from my garden.

We're sweeping up all the bunny fur that's been shedded off of all the rabbits this last month.  We're shining glass top tables and wiping down the summer dust and putting out little vases and garden ornaments we've collected lately.

Except for this little glitch of summer weather, Fall is apparent by the dimming light and earlier evening darkness.  Almost time to plug in the kettle and stock up on lemons.

Fall weddings are starting next weekend.  It's going to be a fun season!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ending August with a bang!

Two weddings for Labor Day weekend kept us hopping for the week.  Kate came back to help and Lizzie worked every day.  Marisa carried the fifteen foot garland to the car.

This was for a backyard wedding in Cambridge.  We designed a 'welcome' urn for the front driveway.

Next wedding in Topsfield at the lovely Willowdale Estate.

Congratulations to Monica and Brad!!!!