Wednesday, October 16, 2013

House flowers

I love meeting with brides.  I love seeing their pinterest pages, listening to their vision for the big day, showing them flowers they've never seen before or one of our photos with the exact color they couldn't describe to me.

But I also love designing house flowers for special events, like home weddings, book parties, little community get-togethers, garden or book club meetings. 

When I have time to design something for my house, I am always surprised by how the flowers enhance all my mismatched furniture pieces,  my quirky keepsakes and even a little mess of books and papers on the coffee table, bringing all the little details together to make it look as though it was designed that way.

So when I have the opportunity to do house flowers for clients, I study the size of the furniture, the size of the rooms,  the art, whether there will be children present, if there are animals,  the period of the antiques and how the client lives in their space.  Mostly, the houses are beautiful and beautifully maintained, but all families have different styles.  If there are children washing the family dog's sore foot in the hallway on a priceless oriental runner, and several cats are running up or down the stairs, I have a good clue about the client.  If there are no animals within a mile of the house and the cleaning crew is there once a week, I have some valuable information.

The fun part is choosing colors and materials based upon the request of the client.  While they are familiar with our style, some of them prefer a subtle design, some say 'go all out: I trust you'.
Either way, making something that will look beautiful in THEIR house is my goal.

Lately, we've booked several house parties. 

I'm in the zone.


Jen said...

I love all the thought and care you put into your work. It would would be fun to see an arrangement done for the people who wash the dog on the oriental rug next to the arrangement done for the people who don't let their dog (or kids) near the oriental rug.

flwrjane said...

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have the space for a large arrangement like the one on the chest? It's ah ma zing!

Maybe your clients could join us for FITH and post a picture of their favorite arrangement?

Once there was a time we wouldn't have thought to take pictures in a private house, right?

Now it's almost expected. As the world turns.

xo J

Amelia said...

Can you come and measure and put flowers in my house?