Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Open House

The Habitat in Belmont is hosting an Open House this Sunday, October 27 for prospective wedding couples.

If you've never visited this beautiful venue, you have a treat to look forward to.

Besides being a part of the Massacusetts Audubon Society's network of special conservation places,
it has a lovely old house , a gorgeous garden and grounds where couples can be married outside.

The Open House is from Noon until two-thirty and couples (and their parents) can talk to florists and caterers in the area who are familiar with the site .  There will be beautiful flowers and samples to taste, so if you're local or you'll be in the Boston area on Sunday, stop by and say hello!


Alicia said...

Hello Shelley!
The All Saints Day is a very traditional and important (for the florists bussines)celebration in Spain. People go to the cemetery and take flowers to their deceased relatives.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Thank you, Alicia!! Kind of like our Memorial Day when we bring flowers to the graves of relatives who have been in the military.