Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Season begins...

We're open on Black Friday and Saturday too for our walk-in customers.No super BF deals and no deliveries, but we have some sweet hostess gifts, Saipua soaps, Christmas ornaments from Cody Foster and some that are truly handmade by Brooklyn designer Yessil.

There are paper white bulbs, amaryllis plants and on Saturday we'll have some Bow Street designed wreaths for the wild at heart.  There will be ribbon by the yard and slices of quince!!

Our new pup Addie will be meeting the bunnies for the first time.

We'll have the Holdiay music STILL going, as we never kicked it off the iPod this year.  And there might be a bottle of Port we've dusted off just for you.

If you're far away, drop by in Spirit.  If you're exhausted from your trip to Best Buy, stop in and visit the rabbits, have a little holiday cheer or just say hello.  We'll be looking for you.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


We are poised for take-off:  before the end of the first week in December we'll have finished Thanksging, a  Bat Mitzvah, our first Christmas party and a wedding. Then it's time to decorate houses for the Holidays. I'll come up for air on the 25th.

My personal Holidays, however, will be merry and bright.  There's a sweet puppy in the house and

she's perfect.  Perfect Addie.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A break from Fall color

Bride's bouquet

Bridesmaid bouquet designed by Marisa

Monday, November 4, 2013

where, oh where are the flowers?

Time to whine about the sad offerings at the Wholesale Flower Market.

True, peonies are coming in from Down Under, but gone are the dahlias and the pretty late summer flowers that were so abundant.   The garden is bare,  the antique hydrangea are super expensive and even the ranunculus that was coming in pretty colors is down to basic orange and pale pink.

Also true, it's a transitional period and I should just get over it.  Still, I long for the Spring, Summer and Autumn product.

We are however, making the best of it:

Flowerless Fall arrangement