Monday, November 4, 2013

where, oh where are the flowers?

Time to whine about the sad offerings at the Wholesale Flower Market.

True, peonies are coming in from Down Under, but gone are the dahlias and the pretty late summer flowers that were so abundant.   The garden is bare,  the antique hydrangea are super expensive and even the ranunculus that was coming in pretty colors is down to basic orange and pale pink.

Also true, it's a transitional period and I should just get over it.  Still, I long for the Spring, Summer and Autumn product.

We are however, making the best of it:

Flowerless Fall arrangement


An Urban Cottage said...

I still have that humongous Boston fern if you want to hack in to it. You know where it is.

My mums gave up on Friday and turned brown. I'm now pushing the season with a pair of false Hanoki cypress at the front door.

flwrjane said...

I have marigolds, anemones and a few roses.Oh and pineapple sage.

Shall I ship?

xo Jane

Amelia said...

Imagine what we laymen are going through...couldn't find a thing worthwhile for my dinner party this Saturday, settled for dried hydrangeas and houseplants. Mums are still good, though not for long. The dry season, ugh.

Jen said...

I guess i got all the good ones--they went to the country and back with me this weekend. Love those berries and many shades of green in your picture.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Amelia - I AM buying some beautiful mums… although I prefer the field type that used to come from California.

Jane - Becky's got me covered !!!

Steve - that fern's arms are beckoning. I might take you up on a little pruning!

cedarmerefarm said...

Simply GORGEOUS, Shelley! I love it.

Unknown said...

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